How has the geography of the west shaped who we are?

How does something that seems as though its just there have an impact on our lives?

The impact is actually a lot bigger than you think. I recently went on a school field study to Alberta, where our entire project was mostly based around answering the question. We went to plenty of different places to investigate and didn’t let the bus breaking down affect our learning.  The best way for us to express out learning was with critical thinking and reflecting back on our work. I communicated this through my multi touch book for the humanities section of our trip. 

One of the biggest aspects of our trip was communication. We would learn information or teach ourselves new information or skills, they tell each other or our books about it. We had 8 main places that we visited, which we then reflected back on in the bus ( when it was working ). Or if you’re anything like me, you would wait until the last couple nights before its due to work on it because you don’t understand the original questions. Being able to reflect back on what I learned is a good way for me to remember information, like how stunning and cold is was in the plain of six glaciers, or the horrific smell in cave and basin. 

During the trip, I really got to understand the extent of the labour that the CPR workers had to go through to connect Canada through the Rockies. Everywhere you go is has a story to tell you, and a history to share. Yes, Canada has shaped and impacted our way of living and surviving, but what has really shaped every one of is the stories of our lives ( cue the one direction ). I just think that the stories and memories that we experience or that we tell. These stories can be formed from something that we’ve experienced, the places we’ve been or the people we are around. So these all lead back to geography. The geography of Canada has changed how our country has evolved and how it started. 

Our trip and book has been the tree of our project, and every other idea or challenge has branched out of the centre. Alberta was a stepping stone for me to learn more about myself, everyone in my class, and the breath-taking environment that surrounds us daily. 

If you want to learn a bit more about more about my experience on the trip or about me, my previous blog post is a great place to check out!

How might I use the moving image to tell a story?

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