Storytelling Recap

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For the past two weeks I’ve been working on accomplishing my goal to learn how to tell a story through a still image. We got to learn numerous new photography skills and reflect back on previous knowledge to accomplish our final product.

How might I use still images to create and communicate through technology?

With still images it can be so hard to tell a story because tHr image can have different meaning to different people. To the person who took the photo they can remember their emotions at the moment or why they took that photo, but to anyone else looking it can just look like a simple photo. I love using filters and editing the photo so it can shine a new light on the photo and give you anew idea of the emotions or perspectives behind a photo. Different emotions can be portrayed throughout colours and I find it important to show those emotions through colour filters on the photo. 

Lighting can play a huge role with the dynamic of your photo. A bright, colourful photo can portray a vibrant, happy over cheerful image whilst a black and white can portray a moody, insightful photo. 

Sometimes still images are he best way to communicate through technology because words cannot describe what your envisioning. Some images a re so complex and vibrant or stir up certain emotions that words cannot simply describe. 

What 3 skills did I find most helpful?

Throughout this entire project we learned a multitude of different skills but some of the most important skills I learned were manufacturing moods, filters and angles.

We first learned about how to use angles to create interesting photos. We played around with different techniques and styles on how to angle our camera to find the best photos. Some of the different angle we used were worms eye, which is when you take a photo from below, and Birds Eye view, which is where you take the photos from above. 

The next skill I learned is how to creatively use filters to enhance your photograph. I got to play around with darkening my photo to show the silhouette and to create a new mode for the photo. I played around with changing the colour of the photo so it seemed more vibrant and cheerful.

As well as we learned about how to manufacture  different moods for different photos. We were assigned different moods to try and show throughout a still image. This was the most difficult to accomplish because you had to find a story behind photo that would properly portray your emotion. I got to play around with different lighting and subjects to showcase the perfect atmosphere and story.

Down below I have provided a link to the final project that showcases all of the work I have created throughout the project. It might be easier when opening the link to its view and to not download it to save yourself from unnecessary work.

Making interesting images

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