Cells and Microorganisms! (With a bit of Taylor swift)

This term I have recently started taking a science class. Our first project was to learn about cells and microorganisms what their purposes were . We then took all of the information we learned to create a vaccine source analysis and a public health poster for kids. This has been one of my favourite projects so far because I felt as though we got to use a lot of creativity and imagination along with the knowledge we acquired in class for our project.

Keystone 1:   Field journal 

To start of our science project we got to do a lab experiment and the end project was a field journal about the experiment. The overall question for this experiment was “ how do we interact with microorganisms in school?”. We first got a Petri dish with agar in it and cotton swabs so that we could go around the school to swab different areas to see what kind of microorganisms were on that specific area and to watch mold grow on the agar. I decided to swab the bathroom door handle and the water fountain button because I knew that those areas were frequently touched. We let the bacteria grow for a couple days before we checked back on it. Over this time we had started to fill out our field journal to mark what we had learned and discovered. We made out predictions and hypotheses of our project and about testing/checking our petri dishes. After we had done a final look at our Petri dishes we wrote a summary of our findings as the end to our project.

Field Journal

Keystone 2:   Immune system character

This was my favourite keystone for our project because I got to use my obsessive knowledge of Taylor swift to relate it to my science project. This project started off with learning about the different types of cells in our body and their purposes. We learned about anti bodies, the T-cell, B-cell, white blood cell, and the macrophages. After we learned about all of their purposes and jobs  got to work on figuring out how to relate Taylor swift to all of these different cells. In the end I went a bit overboard by creating 9 drawings but just combined some together because they were just different types of a certain cell. 



Keystone 3:   Vaccine source analysis 

For this project I got to work with a group to create a infographic poster about the COVID-19 vaccine. We had to focus on some of the different perspectives and ideas of the vaccine and show those in our poster. My group decided to show three different opinions from each sides perspective. On one side was the myths which showed how people believed that vaccine was rushed, that there were microchips in the vaccine and how the vaccine could modify your DNA. On the other side we also included the facts proving the myths to be incorrect. We talked about why the vaccine was developed so fast, how there were no microchips and the truth about the vaccine. I really enjoyed this project as well because I liked getting to research some of the myths to see what the logic behind them were. I also liked getting to use Canva to create a very aesthetically pleasing poster that would appeal to the eye.

Keystone 4:   Public health poster 

Our final project was to create a kid-friendly public health poster. We got to choose between drawings by elementary school kids. I loved being able to incorporate these drawings into my project because it fun using a new type of artwork. We had to create a catchy and informative slogan on our poster then relate our poster art to it. My slogan was “Get you shield up: boost your immunity. The artwork on my poster was a big shield with the kids art in the middle with a big X across it. I had some difficulty using Canva with this project because I couldn’t figure out how to add the picture into the shield shape. Because I was having so much difficulty with canva I decided to myself that canva was the worst app in existence, when in reality I wasn’t pressing the right button. So therefore I was actually the problem and I needed to sit back and think about it so that I didn’t overreact anymore.

Overall I would say that this project has been one of the most creative project that’s I’ve accomplished and that I learned a lot whilst just being able to have fun  and incorporate a bit of myself into the project.

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