A Renaissance blog post

The Renaissance blog post, this semester one of the things I learned about was the Renaissance and to go along with that learning a tryptic and a paragraph. Making the tryptic was pretty fun because you had to mix the old with the new for example a old inventor on one side and a modern day inventor on the other side. I think I did a really good job doing the tryptic but the paragraph not so much because writing is not my strong suit.  

I advanced my learning on The Renaissance by paying attention not going of task asking for help when I needed it. I also handed in my assignments on time and fully completed. I could have done better on my paragraph because I feel that is could be a little bit more detailed. I think my tryptic was very detailed and thought out if you dont know what a tryptic is it is made up of three panels with two plain white lines Dividing the three panels and is often used to impart narrative or create a sequence.  Thanks for reading my blog post and here is my tryptic.

Loon lake learning advance

I had my first PLP felid study and we when to lake. Going to loon lake lake was so fun spending time with friends, trying new foods but we also had to work for example we had to do a book that we made in book in this book I talk about what happened at loon lake with pictures and some drawings.

On the advance I learned new skills and tried some new things. Although I would’ve liked to try more new foods. It was a fun experience going to loon lake and learning there for a change