Simulation blog post

Simulation blog post,

To introduce this new unit we did a little simulation. In this simulation we simulated a revaluion with four groups these four groups were A,B,C and D. Group A was the poor group, group B was the store owners, group C jail guards and group D where the kings. I was in group A but I was one of the last living ones and the richest with 313$ and two cure cards. 

The simulation taught me a lot of things school and real world related. I learned that it best to negotiate everything even if they say it the final price, never tell anybody how much money you have. The final best advice is never ever ever pay your taxes. 


  1. How was this nation structured?
  2. What rights did you and your group have?
  3. What freedoms/responsibilities did you have?
  4. What did you earn? What could you purchase? We’re you able to purchase anything?
  5. How were you treated? How did you treat others?
  6. What went wrong? What went right?
  1. The nation had groups A,B,C,&D each group had there own roles that they had to follow in order not to be arrested.
  2. My group was the poorest group with the responsibility of cleaning up garbage and writing 100 word dairy entry. We also weren’t aloud to talk to groups C&D without a invitation. 
  3. We had to write a 100 word dairy entry on what we did in the day, we also had to pick up trash.
  4. Are group made 1 dollar a day which we couldn’t buy anything with. I died with 313 dollars becuase I stole and made dirty money
  5. I was treated well becasue I would pay well when needed

6.   In the first day I was arrested for bodycheking Silas. In the 3 day I was arrested for stealing from the king.


I think if we are graded on this I should get a sun because I didn’t miss any classes and I contributed to the simulation.

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