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As a child, I never wanted fun to end. It was a concept unknown to me. I always wanted to keep that feeling of euphoria going, because it was something enjoyable and honestly, I think anyone that feels a glimpse… Continue Reading →

Its Been a Hot Min…

Hey hey hey, it’s been a minute since we were last together! We had a full 10 weeks of being away, but here we are back again. I want to give you sort of an update, which will help get… Continue Reading →

I (don’t) Love Love

Romeo and Juliet? Uh you mean, like, the love story? Where they…kiss? Ew. Nope, nope, nope. Logging off right now. My first thoughts about being introduced to the play of Romeo and Juliet, are those words above. The only part… Continue Reading →

Appreciation Post

My fellow weekly post readers! Welcome to another one! You may be thinking, is this post going to update us on the podcasts? Another episode coming? Well, not yet, and for the next couple posts, you aren’t going to hear… Continue Reading →


Welcome welcome welcome! Another week gone in the new year of 2021. This also means progressing in our learning of Romeo and Juliet, which is a play written by William Shakespeare. If you read my last post you know that… Continue Reading →

Write to a Star-Crossed Lover

Good day to you all.  Now you may be wondering why I’m writing in a British accent. Well, I wasn’t until I just pointed it out, but very well we may continue. What you are probably wondering is why I… Continue Reading →

Songs of the Kyowakai

Malaika, how many blog posts are you going to write? Honestly, I don’t know, they could be endless. But having to write summative blog posts also comes with the joy of sharing my learning throughout the project, with all of… Continue Reading →


Quiet in the studio please, this is our final week of recording and mixing our podcasts….thank you. Finally some peace and quiet to talk about the very hectic week of recording our final podcast episodes, that are all about World… Continue Reading →

A (sort-of) Review….?

This week was really focused on getting our interview and initial questions answered. To get you caught up, we are conducting our interviews for our podcast episodes about WWII, but also in the midst of learning the history of WWII…. Continue Reading →

Finding OUR Stories

Research. Time. Passion.  Three things that go into finding a good story. Also three things we demonstrated during this past week.  Now that we have completed a whole week of listening to audio stories, and getting inspiration for our podcast… Continue Reading →

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