Hello Everyone and Welcome back to my blog!

We are now wrapping up our first official Maker Project, Becoming a PLP Learner! In this post I will be presenting my answer to our driving question “Who am I as a PLP Learner?”

I am a proficient learner and I have a lot more to offer about myself than I first thought. I learned this through the activities we have done in Maker. Such as when we made a WordPack about Ourselves.

Some other times I learned more about myself was when we made User Manuals about ourselves in class. That was probably the most entertaining one to participate in. In the user Manual it was basically formatted like any manual for anything such as a toaster, though it we wrote it about our selves. We included our settings, one I wrote down was Sleepy Mode, we said our warnings like how I may just randomly stop listening to you while you were talking. I wrote a lot more then I thought I would because I learned a lot more about myself and my personality. I ended up writing 855 words which was a lot more then the amount I thought I would!

The Photo shows a few of the settings I have written down for myself in my user manual. The settings are basically what we can be like at times or in certain environments.

We also made a dream board and collage for our about me pages which were very fun to make and allowed me to learn more about myself. Especially the About Me collage which I included my interests and a photo of my bunny Toffoli! If you would like to check that out go to the About Me page on this blog by clicking the link or going to it from the navigation bar of the blog.