Hey all! This will just be a short post today!

I will be reflecting on our first half half of our maker project; if you are interested in looking into the other half, click here. This half was based on learning about making your photos more interesting with things such as angles, changes in color, or contrast.

My Answer to Our Diving Question: “How might I use the still image to create and communicate through technology?”

I could use the still image to communicate things like movies that are coming out soon, products, and upcoming events such as the winter exhibition, a food drive, PJ Day, or any sort of event.

Here is a keynote with a summary of the best photos I have taken.

Making Interesting Images!

What were the three most useful skills for me, and why?

One of the skills I found most useful were the angles we learned, such as the worm’s-eye view. Another skill was editing the exposure and colours with Photos and Procreate. The last useful skill I learned was actually thinking about the mood of the photos I take and what mood I am going for.