Greetings, my friends!

Today I will be speaking about one of our most recent humanities projects, Power Play! Power Play was in November and some of December; Ms. Madsen was our teacher for the duration of the project.

Through the whole project, there was one particular app that I got to use a lot, which allowed me to learn a lot more about it. That app was Keynote, Apple’s version of PowerPoint. We used it for every single keystone. I personally loved getting to know Keynote and its many uses.

The first keystone included some of our work, such as a Venn diagram we did on the differences between a manor and a town. Our second was meant to be a learning resource, specifically about the feudal system. Then, last but not least, our third was another keynote that was intended to be a learning resource, about the Crusades.

During this project, besides improving my abilities in Keynote, I also started including visuals and crediting their creators from Unsplash. I also gained a deeper understanding of “The Dark Ages” and what people went through back then. Plagues and Torture Methods Day was also really fun.

In conclusion, Power Play was an amazing opportunity to learn more about some of the most impactful events in history and was an important subject to touch on. I am so thankful to Ms. Madsen for giving us the opportunity to use Keynote as much as we did in this project. Until next time! :D