Hello my Wonderful Readers!!

Today I will be explaining my Triptych which I have made in our latest Humanities project, Radical Innovations with Ms Willemse!

🌎 Goal – Explain the historical background for my Triptych to the World!

👋 Opening Paragraph
Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world because most of the things we use today, such as technology, were heavily inspired by ideas that were made in the Renaissance. The Renaissance saw a major shift in the way people viewed the world. It was a time of remarkable innovation, in both form and function. From the invention of the printing press to the exploration of the New World, the era pushed the boundaries of what was perceived as possible.


💡 My Left Panel
New ideas in the Renaissance changed the Renaissance world by introducing glasses or lenses, telescopes, and the printing press, which allowed people to articulate themselves and make new discoveries. such as how the printing press allowed methods of communication through books. such as a book communicating a new surgical method. Or how telescopes gave astronomers the possibility of looking into space with greater detail since, before the telescope, though some tools were used, space was looked at with the naked eye. These advanced allowed new movements such as the Reformation to happen because the way that Luther spread his 95 theses was with the Printing press. Then after the reformation people had more freedom in choosing their religion, which helped lead how Religion is like today. Another development of the Renaissance was the scientific revolution. It changed the way people thought, Scientists like Galileo and Copernicus made discoveries and challenged the old ideas of the universe. This scientific revolution gave people the opportunity to question the world and explore how it works, leading to the development of new technologies and inventions. This revolution ultimately helped shape our modern world, providing us with new methods of understanding and engaging with the world around us. 

📝 My Right Panel
Traditional ideas before the Renaissance changed the world by allowing some of the biggest innovations, such as the printing press or lenses, to exist. The printing press allowed higher-quality books to be made more efficiently. While the innovation of the telescope allowed people to explore the universe in much more detail than ever before, Something the printing press allowed was the spread of knowledge for things such as surgical methods. like in Medical Innovations 🏥, where high-quality medical textbooks with great detail about the human anatomy were made. Traditional ideas also changed the world by providing an opportunity for people to further their educations and study topics that weren't traditionally accepted. This kind of education, such as learning mathematics and other sciences, helped create the foundation for the Scientific Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. Without those the world would definitely be a lot more different then today, maybe a little less advanced though some other sort of revolution could have taken place instead of the Scientific Revolution for example. The Renaissance changed the way people perceived the world, and its effects are still felt today. Its influence on society is undeniable and its impact is still visible in many aspects of life.

📱 My Centre Panel
Ideas from the Renaissance changed the world today because they inspired many things we use every day, such as books, clocks, and a lot more items that have since advanced and allowed the innovations to become more widespread. The ideas of the Renaissance also encouraged a new form of thinking and the advancement of science. These advances have changed the way people live and work today, creating many of the technologies we rely on and use daily. Such as our phones which many innovations inspired, such as the mechanical clock, or the printing press are some examples. The Renaissance also sparked ideas for many other fields of study, notably philosophy and the arts. The Renaissance also helped to shape the modern-day educational system. By encouraging individuals to pursue formal studies, the Renaissance paved the way for the universities and colleges we know today. Education was no longer confined to the church, allowing more people to access it, and so it opened the doors to people of all different backgrounds, allowing them to learn and progress in their own way. The education system also helped to create a new and more innovative world, which allowed for the growth of many new businesses and industries. This in turn created jobs and increased the standard of living. All in all, the ideas of the Renaissance have had a huge impact on society today.

🏁 Closing Paragraph
In conclusion, it can be said that Europe and Asia both played an important role in the development of the world during the Renaissance. By exchanging ideas and information, they were able to create technologies, philosophies, and systems that changed the world in fundamental ways. Today, Asian and European nations continue to lead in cultural and economic advancement. Their close relationships with each other have allowed them to benefit from each other’s knowledge, drive innovation, and spur economic growth. Throughout the world, many continue to recognize the importance of the Renaissance and its continued impact on our lives.

📜 Thesis  
Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world because most of the things we use today, such as technology, were heavily inspired by ideas that were made in the Renaissance.

Product – How Made Why?

I made it using photos of me and editing them onto paintings from the Renaissance in SuperimposeX, also Procreate to actually put my 3 panels beside each other also to slightly blur the backgrounds so there would be more attention to me.

Learning – Hard? Easy?

The difficulty was sort of mid for me, it definitely was a very fun project for me and I enjoyed doing it. Though I did have issues with some things like blending my face so it looks more natural, though I made it work in the end.

Overall – What did you take away from this?

I will remember the skills we learned for apps such as Things, SuperimposeX, and Craft. I will also use Things & Craft for future projects when appropriate so I can keep track of things and be more organizaed.

  • This was my very first draft for my left panel of my triptych, it was very basic.