May 2023 archive

Behind the scenes of colonization

Where to start. 

For this project we went from learning about Europeans points of view to recreating a painting in our own perspective, it was a lot. We started off with learning about the Europeans and then how their power was a consequence to others, for those assignments we created a re-interperated piece of art. This was the only part I liked because you got to draw instead of write. The rest we learned about the main consequences of colonization and to show our learning in the end we made a script as well as an AR video showcasing our work. We used AR Maker to show our re-interperated drawing as we presented our learning and our art along side it. Overall this project felt very long and honestly tiring, I hope that next time we do something like this we stick to the main point of it.

This is a link to my video presentation of my art:


Matter and more

In this project we learned many things such as what is matter and quanatitave and qualitive observations, then we switched it up. We learned about the kinetic molecular theory sand how it contributes to the different states of matter. This was really fun to learn becasue to review our learning we got to play with gummy bears. Technically we weren’t entirely allowed to eat them but we all did. I enjoyed having an inversive project that was hands on. For the final we had to make a game with scratch which showed the composition of atoms. To be honest this was very hard, turns out i’m terrible at coding but luckily there were tutorials. After a hundred years I finished my game and it wasn’t too bad, it was just very funny. In my game there’s a dinosaur and they are a neutron., they have to jump over the electrons that are coming towards them while also trying to collect the protons. The dinosaur also is really cute. Overall I really enjoyed this project and I hope to do something like this again. 

This is my link to my video game