The Spring Exhibition

So, the spring exhibition.

How did it go?


what is it?

a presentation of our learning

what happened?

we showed ads about a company, mine was the astoria column

was it fun?

it was awesome

Now that we have the easy questions out of the way, let’s get into the meat and potatoes!

so, this exhibition, we were placed into ad groups for different businesses we would be at in oregon. I was put into the astoria column group. So, first we had to figure out what the heck the astoria column was, and i did so by looking up their website, and looking at the column on google streetview. After figuring out what the heck it was, we started to come up with interview questions, and design ideas/principals. After that, it was time to go to astoria and interview. We asked our questions and got our answers. Then we started drafting designs for our ads. I’ll show my first draft, and final copy.

So yeah, that’s the learning we did, but what about the actual exhibition?

so for us, we had one big ad, and five smaller ones. Mine was the big one!! We put mine on an easel and the others on a themed cardboard box. I made cupcakes in upside down ice cream cones to look like the column, and sugar cookies that look like the trees and leaves surrounding the columns. We also had root beer and ice tea, which we chose because we could only find reports of lewis and clark drinking large amounts of alcohol.

thanks for reading,


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