The Europeans and the colonization process in itself was a very different experience from my perspective to learn about such a thing. European settlement meant a lot to the first nations in particular as some of them were made into slaves. The European continent at a whole was the centre of attention mainly because the power and influence which spread throughout most the land, however it was not Europe as a whole that was maintaining power, it altered between countries and shifted power relatively frequently between countries. Now onto our driving question. What are the consequences of colonization today? Well there are quite a few answers and we will go through some of them. Colonization was a good and bad thing for the First Nations in particular, based on this article.

“While the colonization of the America’s was negative for many reasons such as the spread of illnesses, and the forcing of religion upon natives, it was also beneficial to the Native’s because it allowed them to have better weapons and to have different foods and goods in their lives.” In my opinion I believe that we may have not been this advanced if the colonization hadn’t took place as it presented many new opportunities. However I also believe that forcing religion has no excuse no matter the end product.