About Me

Who are you?

Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog again, this is my blog so I should probably include info about my life. I play academy soccer and I am currently in a PLP program which is all about  project based learning and that kind of stuff. I have a pet dog named Kona, I play a lot of basketball, and then I play some sports on the side like badminton, water polo, tennis, flag football, skiing, and I am thinking of starting up handball and futsal. One of my favourite things is my dog, Kona. She is very scary and only wants death to all her stuffed toys.

I like to watch a lot of TikTok and I play FIFA more than is healthy for a human being. My Xbox gamer tag is GANDALF t GREY, but I only play FIFA and Overwatch. I watch a bit of TV but I only like certain categories like horror or comedy, none of that romance stuff. I watched the first Terrifier but by far the scariest movie I have watched is the Poughkeepsie tapes which was a weird experience. I made a collage that is pretty basic because I like things basic, if you see stuff with no sugar coding then I believe you can see what the author is really getting after.

I listen to a lot of music because my dad i a composer and I want to be one someday too. I usually listen to rap like Chief Keef. Sometime I like to listen to classics or stuff like that from the 60’s; The Beatles, or Stevie Wonder to the 90’s; backstreet boys, or Madonna. In the 20th century there has not been that much good music in my opinion but music like rap has been thriving and only gone uphill, that’s why I started listening to that genre more.