How to get started with Football. (BTW) When I say Football I mean Soccer, I was raised in a European and Middle eastern household and I apologize if this is not customer to you. There are a few basic tips to being a soccer fan that I can explain to you, the others will come naturally. A lot of Football is talking about Football. Football is a sport of communities and families. My tips for getting into Football is to watch your local team, it always helps even if they are not top tier. Know the history of Football, even if it’s from google it is very important to know about the greats and how they played the game.





The top 5 best goalkeepers from least to greatest

5. Sebb Maier FC Bayern Munchen 

Now, even though I did not see Sebb Maier play in real time I have heard about him and the effect he has left on the older generation of goalkeepers. His awards: His list of honours is imposing: Four Bundesliga titles and DFB Cup wins apiece, three European Cup triumphs and one Intercontinental Cup, all with FC Bayern. Maier also got to lift the FIFA World Cup with West Germany.

4. Iker Casillas 

Some people would argue Iker Casillas is higher up on this list, but considering historical impact and revolutionary playing style I have put him at 4th. Iker Casillas has won 27 club trophies  including 1x World Cup and 3x champions leagues making him a very decorated player.

3. Lev Yashin (The Black Spider) Lev Yashin had one achievement that stands out from all the others on this list, he is the only ever goalkeeper to win the Ballon d’or to this day.

2. Gianluigi Buffon Buffon was crowned the footballer of the year in 2017 and he also won the World Cup alongside 10 Italian championships, all with Juventus or Piemonte Calcio. Along side 18 more trophies

  1. Manuel Neuer                                                                                             

The crown jewel. 2x footballer of the year, 1x World Cup to his name, 2x champions leagues and 10x German championships. In total Manuel Neuer has amassed 35 trophies, for me he is number one.

Sources: TransferMarkt




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