Tectonic chances

For this project are goal was to make a board game that showed are knowledge and understanding of the Tectonic plates, the driving question was, how are thematic and mathematical elements used in game design.

I was in a group with Seth and Max, and are game was called Hawaiian hell. It’s called that. Because it takes place in Hawaii and all hell is breaking. The main criteria was to have 10 key science concepts that demonstrate an understanding of the tectonic chances. Are board game was about escaping Hawaii when there is a massive chain of tectonic movement causing disaster all around. We used tiles represent tectonic plates. We had 50 tiles all with different types of squares and cards here are the


This is my MindNode that I made at the start of the project, I answered the questions I asked at the end of the project.

Evaluation: Demonstrate a complete understanding and appreciation of evidence.

In this project I feel that I showed a complete understanding of evidence. In are game we had evidence cards, they tested the players knowledge of tectonic plates with questions. I showed my understanding through are final game because of are rules and ideas they had evidence proving are concepts for are game. At the start of this project I didn’t know much about the plates, but the evidence proved everything I learned.

Questioning and predicting

Seth and I really wanted are game t be focused on natural disasters because we both share a common curiosity about them. I found them interesting because of how at seems like they happen out of the blue but they happen because of the plates. The game was focused on escaping and evidence of disasters. We represented are curiosity with evidence cards and disasters.

Understanding and Solving

In the criteria of the game we were told to use probability to determine the outcome of the game. In are game we used probability for the evidence cards, to see which card you will draw. We also used a dice to determine the amount of spaces you move forward. We calculated all of the probabilities of the game in are game rules in the probabilities section.














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