Boring bacteria

For this blog post I will be writing about the cool science poster and other things I made. First I will talk bout the poster I made. It was a good poster, or I think it was. We had to make a public health poster using our knowledge of cells and bacteria, we also had to use a drawing made by someone in kindergarten grade 1. Using the drawing in the poster was a bit of a challenge, but I managed to do it because I already had a small idea of what to do for the poster. I followed the Idea got some peer critique and changed the poster a bit. Overall I like the way it turned out.

Another thing I did was make cards of the different cells in the adaptive system. For this assignment I had to make a card or something of similarity, the card had to have a drawing of the cell, and its function in the adaptive system. On the page that was showing me the project stuff I saw Pokémon cards and it was on that slide that I decided to make my cells into Pokémon cards.

The last thing in my projects was to make a journal about the bacteria I was grew for 7 days. I swabbed a peice of gum underneath the desk and by the end of the week it had grown a lot of bacteria. I predicted that all the surfaces swabbed will have bacteria, and by the end of the week I saw that I was correct.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed.


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