Mad Matter

This blog post is about my second ever project in science 8, it is mostly about things that related to matter so if that dosent interest you look at one of my other posts here. now that the other people are gone I can tell you about my first project finding all the descriptions for an object of my choice, lets see if you can guess it from these descriptors.

length 5.6cm, width,5.6cm, and height 5.6cm All of these are quantitative because they have numbers. Volume:175.616 quantitative. Mass: 106 g quantitative. Density:1.51393103448 quantitative. Physical properties: 6 different colours, 6 sides, time consuming, tons of possibilities, smaller cubes in a cube, a cube, and is made of plastic. All of these are qualitative because they are physical observations. Chemical properties: meltable (acid) qualitative be cause it is the qualities of the object.

It was a Rubik’s cube type in the comments if you guessed it.

the second project we had to do was make observations about the diffusion of gummy bears, this project was mostly up to the students to make the end project they could use keynote, a sketching app, Notes, pages, or something else to show that they did the assignment. Also you could work in groups and the main thing you HAD to do was include something about gummy bears diffusing, that was all the project was about. I teamed up with my friend Quin and together we made a Keynote presentation about wether sugar free gummy bears would diffuse differently than the normal gummy bears, his blog post is here. One last thing I just wanted to say the way diffusion works is a solid mixes in with a liquid the atoms of the solid spread around in the liquid.


Finally the last project I did was creating a video game, the Idea I had was to have an Ice cube dodge fire and if it gets hit it will melt, as soon as it turns into a gas you will lose, there will be snowflakes that heal and increase your score. I ended up coding the dodging part and made the snowflakes but the melting thing will be around a week of coding (30 minutes a day.) the game I have right now is like a beta version but you can’t  play it, but I have a video though.


Thanks for viewing my blog once I finish the game I will edit the blog with a link and post it on scratch and it will be called bing bong this will happen in around a week.

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