Who am I? 🧐

Hi, I’m Sofia.
You probably already know my name from my other posts but, do you know who I actually am?

Neither do I.

The project we recently did in Humanities focused on who you’re going to be. When we first started I groaned, whenever I see people I know they always ask me “What are you going to do when you’re older.”
I never had a clear answer to this question and I think I never will. Life is full of mysteries and obstacles you will have to face so, for me, there’s never anything really set in stone let alone a small idea of what I want to do.
I would always answer, “I’m not sure yet, I’ll just go with the flow and see where life takes me.”

As we kept learning and after the launch of this project I realized that “What are you going to do?” and “Who are you going to be?” are two completely different questions. “Who are you going to be?” is easier for me to answer because it connects more to characteristics rather than a career. I feel like I know who I am now in this specific moment but I’m not sure who I will be in a week, I’m constantly changing. But with this change comes growth in my views and my way of thinking, which is exactly what this project is promoting.

This project had many different parts to it, at the beginning of every class we started it off by writing something we were grateful for on a sticky note and putting it on the window. This was probably one of my favourite parts of the project because of how simple yet fulfilling the task was.

I would like to do a small overview of my favourite part of the project and then get back to the driving question.
The next thing we did was a novel study, it was quite vague which helped make me show my personality more. I read the book “The Bite of the Mango By Mariatu Kamara and Susan McClelland,” It was about a young girl living in Sierra Leone when a group of rebels cut her hands off with a machete, she was 11 or 12 at the time. In my notes, you can see the rest of her journey and her perseverance through every obstacle.

My novel notes:


As I come back to “Who are you going to be” I think about the characteristics about myself that I know will never change.

I’m kind, generous, humorous, and empathetic, but with empathy comes my big emotions. I can be strong when I have to be and vulnerable when I feel safe. I’d like to say I’m a good person and that’s truly who I want to be.

Today I was faced with the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure. I had to say goodbye.
If you have been reading my posts you know that I have.. no.. HAD an exchange student living with me, her name is Sonja.

I took her in once I heard she wasn’t enjoying her other host family and thought nothing of it. I took her in without realizing the consequences I would have to face.

The good thing I got out of it was a sister. Someone I will never forget. But the hardest thing was asking myself, will I ever see her again?
Today when I saw her leave the waiting area and into security I didn’t just see my exchange student leaving, a part of me was going with her. A part of me that I will never forget.

The kindness I showed to her, how she brought my weird side out, how safe she made me feel.

This whole experience made me realize how much I actually care. I know I’m emotional but the pain of seeing her go and arriving back to an empty house is really tough. She didn’t just leave her room empty, she left a place in my heart, longing for it to be filled again.

Having her in my life made me realize the person I became in the 2 months she lived with me. I now aspire to bring the joy she brought me, I will show my generosity, show my kindness, and love because you never know when it will be taken away.

Seeing how I have changed for the better in just this short amount of time makes me know that I will only become a better person from here, which in the end, is all I want. I thank those who have shown me this along the way and helped me realize showing my big emotions is better than bottling them up. I am going to stay good and become better.
I am Sofia and I will always be what makes me Sofia.

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