📝💪Video’s and Goals About Me!🎥😀

Hello everyone!

This project was called vibrant videos. At the beginning of this project we focused a lot on our goals and setting up our goal tracker. To help us with setting goals we downloaded a book called what do you really want by Beverly K. Bachel. 

This book talks a lot about creating SMART goals and overall making your goals meaningful and helpful to you. I’ve got some examples of SMART and not so smart goals in my goal tracker which I’ll include later on. 

The other half of this project was about making videos but, before we could make a good video then we had to learn about the history of movie/TV making. My favourite thing I learned in these lessons was how quickly people tried to take advantage of the money they made from the movies once they got popular. I also really like how during the development of safety laws actors stated to advocate for themselves which I think is really good. Here’s some of my notes!

Our first video that we had to make for this project was a video about our interests we combined our skill we got from the book with our videos and we filled our a form to help us film our video. My video had lots of information but it didn’t have an amazing story so it was more of a fun fact video but it’s still a great video and I hope you enjoy!

Unfortunately I wasn’t here for the second video we made because I was sick but, I saw the video my group made and it was pretty good!

Because of the exhibition our plans slightly changed. And we made an exhibition video which took a lot of our time. So, for our third and final video with the vibrant videos project we had to create a Logline, treatment, and a storyboard then, we had to use the iMovie storyboards to film a video about a tutorial. Our video was about how you can learn a language!

Now I’m sure lots of you are wondering about my goal tracker. Don’t worry I’ll tell you about it now! In my goal tracker there are lots of things from short writes to general notes. The sort of final thing we did in our goal tracker was create a goal ladder. A goal leader is a thing you make that details the steps of how your going to achieve your goal. In class we stated by writing out our goal ladder then, we made a visual one! This is mine⬇️

This goal tracker has really helped me and I think it will continue to help me in the future well, without further ado because I know everyone wants to see it… My goal tracker!


Settings meaningful goals and sticking with them is really hard for me but, I think this project has changed my views on goals. A goal can be any size you want it to be and it’s good to reward yourself no matter what size it is. 

Thanks for reading -Sydney🙃

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