Julius, or Markus? That’s the real question.

Have you ever thought about why Shakespeare called his play ‘Julius Caesar’ this, even though he dies in the middle of it? Caesar is portrayed as the tragic hero, I strongly believe that Brutus should have been. I think this because Brutus went through the most tragedy, the play went on after Caesar died, and it ended at Brutus’s death. I hope this will make you see my side.

My first point is that Caesar dies in Act 3, Scene 1. There are 5 Acts in the play. Caesar is only in half the play, because he is not needed for the rest. Acts 4&5, and the rest of Act 3, are impacted by his death, but they don’t stop and mourn him, no. They go on to try and get everyone else. So, Caesar doesn’t seem like the tragic hero.

My second point is that the play doesn’t end with Caesars death, no. It ends with Brutus’s death. At Brutus’s death, people stop fighting. They make peace. Nothing like that happens when Caesar dies. When your hero dies, everything stops.

Finally, let’s talk about the tragic part of this. So, Caesar dies, killed by his friend. That’s pretty dark. But Brutus? His wife, Portia, dies because she misses him. Cassius kills himself because he thinks Brutus is dead. Brutus kills himself, but what other choice does he have? His family all died for him. He died of heartbreak, and for Rome. So he was respected.

I think I have made a very strong argument for my case. Do you disagree? I don’t know how you could. Brutus is 100% the tragic hero, so, if this doesn’t persuade you, I’m not sure what to do. He died for Rome, to make it a better place. The only tragic thing about Caesar’s death was Brutus. I rest my case.

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