Math Game Project

In math, we have been learning about    BEDMAS. To demonstrate our knowledge of this, we had to make a math card game. All our own design, with a rule sheet and everything! It was pretty cool.

To start with, I figured out the basics of the game. What it was about, instructions, etc.

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Then, I started working on the cards. I decided to make number cards as well as operation cards. With that, you needed an art style, for your cards. I decided to go with a Greek theme. Each card had either a Greek god, or an evil character from Greek Mythology. It took me a very long time to make.

Using Sketches Pro, I found a grid pattern to make the outline of my cards. Next, I got the outline of a circle and placed one in each box, save for the Cerberus one, where there were three. Then, I chose symbols for each of the gods, and traced them next to the circles. Once that was finished, I put numbers and operations in the top corners of each cards. Then, each card was personalized, with hair, eyes, and their name in the top right corners. No colour yet, because I was printing in black and white.

Next, I printed off three sets of the cards. But the paper wasn’t the thickest, and you could see through it. So after colouring in the cards, because I printed them in black and white, I got pieces of construction paper and glued it to the back. This made it a lot sturdier.

Finally, cutting. I got to use a paper cutter, so my lines were nice and strait. It definitely took a while though. Then I played my game, and I was finished! Here’s my game in action.