Week 4: Emoji Challenge

This week’s task was about emojis. I decided to do two challenges for this week.

The first challenge I chose was the emoji math challenge. For this, I wanted to make an emoji sudoku game. See if you can figure it out!

The other challenge I wanted to do was the emoji story challenge. Using byrdseed.com, I got an emoji writing prompt. The emojis I got were as follows.

This is my story.

Once upon a time there was a man named Ned. Ned lived in a van, and traveled all around the world in this van. But after a few years, Ned got tired of traveling. He wanted to make some friends. So he signed up for the Ice-Cream tour, a 21 day train excursion around Alabama. On his first day, he met Paul, the talking horse. Paul loved to sing, but he was awful. Ned had to look away when Paul sang. Ned knew Paul thought himself to be a great singer, and Ned didn’t want to let him down. But on day 20, Ned couldn’t take it anymore. He told Paul that when he sang, he sounded like a camel dying. Paul just laughed. He knew he was a horrible singer the entire time, he just wanted to know if Ned would be honest with him. After the train excursion ended, Paul went with Ned and they traveled the world. Ned was lonely no longer. The end.

2 thoughts on “Week 4: Emoji Challenge

  1. Hi Alivia,

    The soduko is a great idea with emojis and the story is very clever. What a great idea for a prompt. Can I share that with some other teachers? I’ll come back and try to figure out the emoji later. Thanks for these great ideas. Task 4 completed ✅

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