Commenting on Others Posts!

For this week’s Student Blogging Challenge, as well as writing a commenting guideline, we had to comment on 3 different peoples posts. I chose three random people, and away I went. 

The first blog I commented on was The Life Without “R”… by Raegan Riley. I chose to comment on this blog because I thought it was cool how they went about doing the challenge. Instead of doing a graphic, as I did, they wrote about quality comments. 

This is a quality comment because of a few things. Firstly, I formatted the comment as a letter. Second, I complimented their blog and said what I liked about it. Finally, I gave them some feedback. 

The second blog I commented on was Celeste’s Blog. I wanted to comment on their blog because I thought it was super cool that they completed this on paper, instead of doing it on a device. 

I though this was a good comment, because it was formatted like a letter, along with the first comment. I also asked a question, that may start a conversation. I hope, if they hadn’t thought of doing it in an app, that I can tell them about some cool apps they can use. 

The last blog I commented on was Preston’s Blog. This was a really cool post. I wanted to comment on Preston’s blog because I really liked their graphic. 

This was a quality comment for several reasons. It was formatted as a letter. Also, I tried to help Preston by pointing out how I saw it as blurry. 

I hope my comments help these people, and that they start conversations!

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