If You Roll a Pencil Down a Hill, Is It Stationery?

Hello! This is our very first Maker post. For this Maker unit, we looked at the Power of the Pencil. Now, the pencil I am talking about technically could be any sort of pencil, but we used our Apple Pencils. I go to a Technology based program, so that is why we used Apple Pencils instead of normal pencils.

For this project, we made a different art piece on our iPads almost every week. With each piece, we learned new skills. We completed all of our work on our iPads in an app called Sketches Pro.

Our very first art piece was Word Art. We had to write our name, but add drawings, or do cool lettering, or add a fun background, basically whatever we wanted to do to bring our names alive. Here is my Word Art!


Our next task was SketchNoting. Sketch Notes are a fun way to take notes that incorporates drawing, lettering, and note taking. We watched this TED Talk about mindset, and while we were watching we Sketch Noted. I found this very difficult because it went very quickly, and I took a while to write everything down. Here is my final Sketch Note. I am actually very happy with it, and I really like the colours!




Our next task was a Self-Portrait. When I first heard that we were doing self-portraits, I was very scared. I despise self-portraits. I actually enjoyed this project. I don’t know if that is because I just opened up to drawing myself, or if it is because I focused more on my hair and my shirt then my face. Well, here is my portrait!


Our next piece was a still life. We drew the classic still life topic, a bowl of fruit. I actually really like this assignment. I am also very happy with how it turned out!


Our next task was a logo. I was very excited for this, as I am actually interested in becoming a graphic designer when I am older. I made two logos, one for this blog, and one for the program that I am in, PLP. I like my PLP logo better, but I am proud of both of them!

Our final task was to pick our favourite piece that we had done, and recreate it. I picked my self portrait. Instead of recreating the same picture, I decided to make a new one. Now, this isn’t my drawing, it is somebody else’s, but it is my colouring, and some of the details are my own. Here is my finished product!


I hope you enjoyed all of my pieces! Which is your favourite?

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