On the final stretch of our 5 week project, this week was packed with things to finish. This week wasn’t so much building but rather reflecting on all our feedback and learning what to refine in our podcast, so it can be the best it can be in this amount of time.

Having people look over your work is a great way to get another perspective and spot mistakes that you are blindsided to. Receiving feedback from both our peers and the teacher, allowed insightful feedback on what to add, change or get rid of. Expectations of the overall podcast came down to various things like clear audio and original music. The content aspect was further divided into maker, humanities and social studies which covered things like the structure, transitions and how well we discussed profundity, importance, durability and relevance.

My first draft of my podcast was very hard to listen to, having an entire interview section in one area and with critique I was able to change this substantially moving forward to my next draft. Again using my text version of the interview, I organized the each part to a specific place in my podcast to have it make sense. The latter of the problems fixed were mostly slight minor changes to the sound or script.

A lot of the time I edited my podcast to what sounded good to my ear. Learning to make everything come together, we were taught when to use the equalization throughout the episode. A few times I had to make the decision to record a section and either rescript it or try to get better quality sounding clips. Listening to the podcast you need to check the your episode all the way through using headphones in and out, to get catch small mistakes.