Down The Coast

This year my class went on a week long field trip to the Oregon coast. When we were in Oregon we were studying the Columbia River, advertising, and marine biology. On the first day we had a 9 hour drive, only stopping for food. The next day we went zip lining, this was an awesome experience! It was also a great way to start bonding with my classmates. On day three we learned about crossing the bar and how dangerous it can be. Day four was all about Questing. Questing is a group activity where the teachers give you a group of six, then you and your group are givin a puzzle you have to solve. Its almost like a treasure hunt. This was one of my favourite parts of Oregon. I really got to know the people in my group and we had lots of fun! At the end of day five we went to Yaquina Head, a beautiful place where there are lots of intertidal pools. The next day was a really big driving day, but for dinner we went to John’s incredible pizza where there are fun rides and games to play. On our last day we went to Northwest Trek an amazing place with really cool animals. Here are some photos from each day,

Day one,

Day two,

Day three,

Day four,

Day five,

Day six,


When we were in Oregon we were doing a project on advertisements. I was in a group of four people, RyderSimon, and Randy, the business we got to advertise was Nisa’s Thai a local Oregon coast business. As it says in the name they sell Thai food. When we were there we had to have a small interview with the owner, and ask questions about the business that could help us create a good advertisement for them. The interview wasn’t my favourite part because sometimes it would be awkward or they wouldn’t know how to answer our questions. The interview was helpful though because we were able to get direct information from the owner. We were also able to get photos of the food for our advertisements we were going to create.

Before we went to Oregon we created an ad for a business in our local areaThis was to learn how to make an ad that was visually pleasing and gave information without using to many words. I learned that using white space is really important, because it makes the ad easier to read. Also the use of different fonts and sizes. You cant use too many different types of font or it will look bad, but using two or three can help define what’s most important on the page.

Here are two of the ads I made before going to Oregon,


While we were in Oregon we visited many different places. One of the places we went was the Hatfeild Marine Science Centerwhere we did a couple experiments. One of the experiments we did was creating an R.O.V (remotely operated vehicle) in a group of four. All through this trip we were learning to work in groups and connect with others. I really like getting to know people that maybe I wouldn’t have normally become so close with. It was really interesting to see some people open up more and come to know them better. As we got to know each other better it became easier to work together.

On this trip I learned to ask questions more often, and speak up. When asking though you have do it at the right time, you cant do it in the middle of your teachers explanation and you cant do it after they’ve changed topics, you have to ask right in the middle when there is a pause. If you ask then you are most likely to get a response. Asking questions on this trip was really important because we had to know all the information for a book we were creating. It was about everything we were doing on the trip. There were a few pages for each day, we were to fill in the pages with information we learned, pictures we took and pictures we drew. For me making this book was pretty fun. Some parts of it were harder than others. Drawing for me was the hardest part, because it can take some time and I’m not the best artist. In the end I think the book I created looks pretty good! Here it is,

As well as learning we also had lots of fun. All of the places we went were a different experience. Some of the places were just fun, and lots of the places we learned while having fun, sometimes not even noticing. One of my favourite nights was the sunset at Beverly beach. It was a clear day so the sunset was beautiful. I got really amazing photos that night, here are some,



The Oregon trip was amazing and an experience I wont forget. I’m so thankful that I was able to go on this trip, and special thanks to my teachers who made all of this happen.


The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.

-Elenor Rosevelt