Plate tectonics

Hello welcome back to my blog! If you didn’t know I’m Declan and hope you enjoy. I made a science board-game for a school project! Let me explain, this project that were doing in school is about the continental drift and the plate tectonics and how, why and where they move. We also learned about […]

Fractions of my time

Hello again and welcome to my blog! If you didn’t know, I’m Declan and this is my school blog page. I hope you enjoy. Introduction and what I learned We just finished a simatics project called fractions of your time, the project was about how much screen time we have in a week and in a […]

The medium is the message summative post

The medium is the message summative post

The Medium is the Message. I loved this project. It made sense, it was contextual, there was lots of examples and it was relevant. All the milestones taught me things I didn’t know before, I didn’t know much about comprehending text or anything about taking a good historical perspective on text or ads (which where […]

The medium is the message protect reflection

Project ✏️ We are doing a project called “the medium is the message”. The driving question for this project is “what does what we see hear and read influence us”. I like that question because it is very open ended and relevant, it invites you to think about it and makes you want to learn […]

My User Manual Reflection

We did a project called “My user manual” and it was basically a user manual of ourselves , as if we where robots or some product that came with a user manual. That project was really fun and it helped me learn who I am and how I can present who I am. Here is […]

Hello world!

Hello world!

Hi I’m Declan And welcome to my blog page! This is my school blog page, and it is for school. I am going to be posting all sorts of blogs and pages on my projects and progress and all of the things that i’ve learned.

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