Chemistry Coding

Chemistry and coding, you probably think they have nothing similar, but in this project we just finished, we combined them into fun interactive games and simulators. We started this project out by finding out what we knew about the matter and questions we have for the future of this project; we ended up making a mind map where we put a bunch of questions we wanted to figure out, and at the end of the project, we would answer all of these questions. After this milestone,

we still didn’t know much. We had to build our existing knowledge; we looked at textbook pages explaining states of matter, electrons and protons, and different atomic models. Atomic Models led straight into the next milestone I did, which was drawing atomic models of 2 or more substances that are going to be in your game; I decided to create three different molecules H20, Oxygen and iron. I decided for my final game that it would be a platformer game where you complete each level, and after each level, you learn something different about molecules. I had many challenges with the programming aspect of the project; for example, changing from scene to scene after an event happens incredibly challenging as I had so many broadcasts, and if one thing didn’t work, everything didn’t work. You can find my finished game here, 


Questioning and predicting: I feel that I went off task a few times during this project but over I spent most of my time finding bug fixes in my game and working on new and different features that would overall make my game better

Scientific communication: I represented this skill in my learning; for example, I knew almost nothing about particles and matter before this project, but throughout the project, I change my understanding, and I implemented what I learned into my game, but in conclusion, I went from knowing nothing about particles to understand in a lot by reading and answering textbook questions

Reasoning and analyzing: I feel that I improved my coding abilities by trial and failure; I had to try multiple times to fix the bugs I wanted to fix. But I think I deserved the extending mark I got as I went up and beyond in making variables and my own blocks.

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