Ultimate Design Challenge

We just finished another project, this time our goal was create a 3d model in tinkercad that was a higher volume or surface depending on its use and we had to use formula for every shape we used calculate and combine all the surface area and volume. My partner and I started this project by choosing a object to create in tinkercad and if we wanted more volume or surface area, we ended up choosing a sink and a table that optimized volume so the sink and the table could both hold more things. The next step we did was to build the model and find the formula for each one of the shapes we used, we ended up using rectangular prisms, cylinders, hemi-cylinders and hemi spheres. Once we finished building our model it looked like this but we still had a lot to do 

Here’s the hard part the calculations, in total we had to calculate 12x rectangular prisms, 2x cylinder, 2x hemi-cylinder and 1x hemisphere. All the calculations took numerous days but as we did more calculations we got better and better for example after doing the hemi-cylinder calculations I found the hemisphere much easier. Another really challenging part of the calculations was finding the area for shapes with holes in them for example when I had measure the hemisphere I had measure both the hole and the hemisphere it’s self and subtract the two different answers from each other. In the end our calculations sheet looked like this

I conclusion I feel like this was a great project but it sure was challenging, I learnt many new formulas for shapes like the cylinder and the hemisphere 


Applying and innovating 

I feel like I was on task most of the time I also worked with my group well and got work in on time. I’ve gotten a lot better at this competency throughout this year.

Reasoning and analyzing

I used tinkercad back in grade 7 and I felt that I couldn’t do what I wanted with the soft ware but with this project I worked on my tinkercad skills and I feel like I can freely use this software to my potential. I also feel like I got a lot better at formulas and maths in these past few weeks after hours of using them

Communicating and representing

I did better than I expected in this competency and I feel I greatly improved it. At first I was very nervous to do my presentation but I held together and presented the surface, volume and ratios to the whole class in a clear manner.

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