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So, im actually really excited to talk about this next project! So in this unit, we were learning about different kinds of poetry! Being as poetry is one of my favourite topics, I was really excited to be a part of this project! Our goal outcome was to have a book of nine poems, a lot with added criteria which you will learn about as you read on!

Here is our driving question! 

How might I construct text that shows who I am right now?

So we started off discussing ‘what is poetry’ and with that, we figured out that poetry is a lot like story telling, except it often has a lot more flow, and takes a little more analysis to understand, though in my opinion, a lot of poems are subjective and leave a lot of the meaning up for the reader to interpret.

The main poems we focused on learning to understand, and eventually writing are as follows:

  • Simile poem
  • Extended Metaphor Poem
  • Haiku Poem
  • Imagery Poem
  • Sound Poem
  • Experience Poem
  • Personification Poem
  • Self-Portrait Poem

In addition to the nine poems we got to write, we completed both complementary texts and meaning statements to go along with all of them. Our complementary text could be an image, video, drawing, or, anything that helped us add to our poetry. This provided our intent for writing this poem as well as any themes we created within our poetry. (Though our main theme is worldview!)

While working on this project I did gain a deeper understanding and joy for poetry on top of what I already loved and knew about it, and I also gained a deeper understanding of how difficult poetry can be when it has limitations and criteria. 

For the end of this project, we got to participate in a coffee house! Though I am actually sad to say I couldn’t attend said coffee house because I had a doctors appointment that afternoon and it was a rather important one.

Now I’m sure you’d all love to see my poetry book! (And even if you don’t wanna see it… too bad I’m putting it here anyways.)

Here is the link to my poetry book !

Throughout this entire experience I think I showed an accomplished understanding of all core competencies through my poetry and class participation, it was one of the projects I’ve been most passionate about this entire year and I hope to have more classes along the same lines in the future 🙂

Thank you for listening!

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