Hello welcome back to another blog! in todays post I will be talking about our latest PLP project in Maker: Believe In Good. As with every PLP project we do, we have a driving question, the question is the thing our project revolves around. Our driving question for this project was sorta different as we had more than one. Our driving questions for this project were: How might I use technology to construct knowledge? How might I use technology to create and communicate? But since the project was sort of different, the blog might look a little different because there are no milestones to talk about. Before we move on I’m going explain to you what this project is about, The 7 Habits. Our project generally focused on the book, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. We needed to use the Habits from said book and include them into our project. What  this means is that every habit we did, we had to fill out a workbook containing vital information that would later help us explain to the teachers how we felt we did in this project. Along with every workbook, we had to complete a creative activity, this could be visual, physical, ect. It had to show our understanding of the habit we just finished.


As always, here’s our driving question: How might I use technology to construct knowledge? 


To show the knowledge we gained we did things called pride victory boards, and public victory boards, which basically consisted of visual, audio and kinaesthetic examples of ways the & habits relate to how we learn, focus and grow. We  could also write or send voice notes explaining the thought process behind what we used for our examples.


For the final three things we had to come up, we had to make a visual, audio and kinaesthetic example that accurately represented all of the seven habits in a unique way. Let me explain mine!

Here is one of the audio pieces i created that highly represents the habits sharpen the saw and being proactive:

spotify playlist

There’s number one, a playlist talking about the general music that I feel accurately represents productivity in my brain and potentially other peoples brains.

 spotify playlist two

There is spotify platylist number two, a playlist i believe accurately represents being reactive, which is the opposite of proactive. That is shown in the songs by what they are about .

Here is the visual one thing i created! It represents synergize, seek to understand,  and first things first !





The overall driving question for this project was, How can I be my most effective self? I feel I got a lot of new and interesting information out of this project I learned more about myself and my collaboration style with my friends and classmates as well as learning how to better communicate with people. This project encouraged me to look at a  big picture in learning. thanks for reading!!


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