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Hello and welcome back to my vibrant video blog post! In this post I will be talking about our most recent Maker project.. Vibrant videos!

In this project, we learned a lot about the history of film!We created our movie making skills, and learned so many new techniques so that we can progress to become full Movie Makers. This project took place for about two weeks so it was pretty short compared to what we usually do.

A lot of our learning was focused around film, animation and how people reacted to the first movie! we also learnt about the importances of angles, necessary music to add emotion to certain moments, cut clips and much more!

We generally gained four skills,

Skill 1: Think Like a MovieMaker

Skill 2: Framing Shots and Developing Angles

Skill 3: Planning and Shooting

Skill 4: Making the Most of Effects 


In our first skill we had to use the app called clips, including a background music, different angles and effects! and of course, ourselves.

For skill two, we were required to create a silent film that also included filters, angles and background music, but without any speaking involved!

For skill three, we worked with groups to create a plot and make a short film! I found this project particularly fun because we got to work in groups and we came up with a fairly interesting plot!

Finally, Skill four, we also worked in groups and figured out a tutorial! unfortunately I was not at school the day we got to film that video so I dont really know how it turned out, but knowing my group im sure it was great.


To create a good video you need to plan!

storyboarding! storyboarding is particularly important in fictional stories! next up we having tips! Using apps like Canva, Procreate, Keynote, ActionMovie, WordPack or  any app that will help enhance your film. Use angles and perspective to set tone and convey messages. Include visual representations of what you want to convey to your audience!! Visual effects are also incredibly important for films! stuff like green screens, filters, little add ins, those are always incredibly important to add themes, energy and a overall vibe! Sound effects are also good, you can either create your own sound effects or use provided ones to help enhance your story! Finally, Props!! Props are detrimental in regards to most movies, costumes, interacting props, very very helpful!


I think this project was overall pretty interesting! I personally have never put much thought into film and how it happens, I’m normally a lot more interested in the actors process, so I think this was an interesting new perspective to experience!


Thank you so much for reading my blog post and have a good day!

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