The End, Its Time For A Tpol

Hello everyone who reads my posts. This is a special post it’s about my Tpol. A Tpol is a “transitional -presentation- of-learning”. So this is very important, I missed my Mpol due to stupid timeline issues. So I want to nail this one. So I am preping a lot in advance to make sure I don’t mess up. I have mapped out my presentation, rewrote my blog post twice, went over my concepts and evidence twice. This should help me get a good outcome and nail this.  So lets get into the evidence of my learning and why believe I should be able to pass to grade 9

Quickly before we get into the evidence I would like to acknowledge the Driving Question:

(Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade)

Ok evidence number one

#1 Destination Imagination

DI or Destination Imagination was amazing having a whole class room of people watching you perform a skit, its ego boosting. The reason I believe this is number one is becuase of how much work I put into the skit. Costumes, backdrop, planning, I was doing it all I helped With 70% of the project along with Logan and Dries check them out. They will be posting a post exactly like this one on their blogs as well. So yes I believe this a huge piece of evidence towards growing as a PLP learner

DI regionals post: here

#2 Scimatics Pythagorean theory project

So this was kind of a two part project. It was done alongside maker but for this post I will just focus on the scimatics side of it. So for this project we had to build a Star Wars ship, my group chose the Millennium Falcon. My group consisted of Nate and Annie, sorry I could not find Nate’s blog. So we used hot glue and cardboard to make this ship. Btw here check out the blog post I wrote about it, it should explain a lot more about the project. So this helped me grow as a learner by teaching me how to keep track and plan my work. It also taught me how easy it is to build something with limited resources.


#3 The Ultimate Road trip 

This project dug a tiny bit into variables in mathematic equations. This project used graphing, mapping, budgeting and linear relations. We have just finished this one and it is my last project of my year of grade 8, for scimatics. It was really fun and taught me a lot about how to use variables and make algebraic equations (the equations for algebra). It also taught me how to make good spread sheets and how to budget sums of money into category’s.

.Sorry no blog post yet I will update it when I write it.

#4 The Star Wars Mini Blue Sky Project 

This is the other half of the second piece of evidence, for this we got to build a piece of the star wars universe. We got to chose something out of Star Wars. A problem, a solution for a problem or even a artsy still project like star wars food. I chose how Star Wars ships operate becuase I was curious but we ended up doing a whole star wars planet, I was part of the Tatooine team. So I learned a lot like preparation and how to manipulate lighting, but the most important thing was planning.

Blog Post here 


#5 Argh Matey

This project was one of my personal favourites. Mainly becuase I got to draw a lot. So for this project it was for two subjects humanities and scimatics. We had to make a comic book about an explorer and a virus. I chose Martin Frobisher and Small Pox becuase I found them the most interesting. This taught me how to tell a story and map out a story.

Blog Post here


#6 The Power Of The Apple Pencil 

This is another of my favourite projects becuase of getting to draw for most of it. It was really nice to learn some art techniques. We made a logo, name art and sketches and learnt how apple pencil’s work check it out here. ———>here <——— I learned from this how to handle an Apple Pencil on a screen instead of paper and how to take art slow. I use those to things to this day when drawing with sharpie, pencil and my apple pencil.


#7 The End Of The World As We Know It 

This project is at the bottom of the evidence list for one reason. I didn’t learn a lot from it, I learned about the Renaissance. That was it though it was a little boring as well but I learned one thing important. Its that art can tell a story all the art and sculptures from the renaissance tell a story and show a bit of the creators personality.

Blog Post Here

That is going to be it for my blog post thank all you readers out their for sticking with me for this long it has truly been amazing. Gtg I need to edit this blog before publishing it I will See all of you on the next post bye, ps. I have really enjoyed this chance to grow as a learner and see every angle of the world and its history and discovery’s and I thank Mrs Willamse and Mr Hughes fro arranging and making it all possible.

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