Politics in Canada

A lot of what is said by politicians is say not do.

As many people know politicians don’t always tell the truth about what they are doing. This is the case throughout most elections, not just in Canada but around the world. But lets just use Canada as the example. Canada like most parts of the world has an election. Usually this takes place in October and it takes place every four years. In canada our leader is known as the prime minister. In order to become the prime minister you must be elected, in Canada our election is built around having electoral districts and voting a leader within them of the different parties to get seats in parliament. The party with the most seats wins the election. In this election we just had Justin Trudeau was the winner with 149 seats in parliament. Against the conservatives who had 117 seats. 

That’s a lot of talk about seats and parliament, so how does the government actually work? Well canada is a constitutional monarchy which means that even though we have a queen we still have our own seperate government. The levels of government are as follows House of Commons, senate, monarch. Now that we understand how it is structured lets look more into what the government does and is doing currently. For the past 6 years Trudeau has been the prime minister of Canada and he has done a lot of things for this country but also hasn’t done some things he said he would. Trudeau promised back in 2015 that he would focus the military. But has had only 1 mission in Mali Africa. Along with this military promise he also promised that he would replace canadas fighter jets the cf-18 with the American F-35, he then promised this again in the 2019 election and for the past 2 years hasn’t bought it. Canada also has one of the largest phone bill costs out of any nation, Trudeau promised that he would reduce the costs of phone bills and internets monthly costs by 25% but hasn’t done anything since that promise. 

So to summarize Canada has an election every four years and is a constitutional monarchy, in order to win the election you must have the most amount of seats in the House of Commons and politicians make promises that they will not keep just to get an edge in an election.