Winter Exhibition 2022


Today I will be talking about our winter exhibition this year. If you haven’t stayed up to date with PLP we haven’t had a winter exhibition for 2 years. So for the teachers and some students this was a special event. this exhibition was about apology and the history of racism in Canada. we mainly focused on three events.

For this exhibition we only had 1 week to prepare which made all the class time a time crunch and we couldn’t waste any class time in order to get everything done. but before we talk about the actual exhibition lets talk about how we got to that stage. The first thing we did was studied the Komogata Maru, a ship out of India that was basically refused access to Canada because of a law that was passed to stop immigrants from coming to Canada. If you are interested in the details of what happened there you can check out my blog on it here.

The next event we learned about was the Chinese head tax which was a tax that you had to pay if you were Chinese in order to live in Canada. The way we learned this was we went on a field trip to china town to learn about all the hate crimes that accrued and how the Chinese lived through it. we also took a walk through Dr Sun Yat-Sen which is a garden in China town. here are the pictures that I took from this field trip.

The third and final point in Canadian history that we studied was the Japanese internment camps. This event happened during WWII after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. When this happened and America joined the war Canada would make every Japanese Canadian go to internment camps until the war was over, even though a lot of the Japanese Canadians had never been to Japan. We learned about this event by going to a museum and taking a walking tour of Hastings park where there was an internment camp. This event was the event me and my team based our project on for this exhibition, the task at hand was to make a memorial of the event and all the people that lived in it and died in it. The memorial we made was a house which was just a normal Canadian home, but with a clear glass floor and beneath there was the Japanese internment camps and there conditions. here was the 3d model that I made to show what the memorial would look like.