Loon Lake Learning Advance

  • I am in the back left
  • I’m in the blue hoodie
  • I’m in the blue hoodie


Loon lake learning advance has made me a better me, let me explain. On this learning advance we got to be the best person that we could be by making goals on how to improve ourselves. My goal was based around how I let my mind get in the way or things that I want to do. I will give you an example. When I was at the learning advance I was wanting to do the ropes course and I saw it as an opportunity to face my biggest fear which is heights. I haven’t always had this fear, I used to climb trees a lot and I used to rock climb all the time. I dont know why I developed the fear but I haven’t been able to overcome it. When I was at the ropes course I was climbing up to get onto the pole so I could start the course, but then before I got to the top I looked down and psyched myself out and wasn’t able to do the course. I have done this a lot where I am determined to do something and then I start to psyche myself out. So because of this my goal was to stop allowing my thoughts get in the way of something that I want to do. Here is my goal written as a S.M.A.R.T. Goal. 

This trip wasn’t just goals though, we also got to do some fun activities like rock climbing, canoeing, archery and the previously mentioned ropes course. Out of all these 4 activities I enjoyed archery the most. This is because I have done archery in the past and used to practice all the time and had a lot of fun doing to again, after so many years of not doing it. But even though I enjoyed archery it wasn’t the best part of the trip for me. The best part of this learning advance, for me it was the meal times, but not just for the food which was really good but for the conversations that I had with other people. Usually I get nervous when talking to people I usually dont talk to, but at loon lake I faced one of my fears and I talked to a lot more people at these times. I feel like I made connections with more people, and that I made more friends.

Overall this trip for me was a huge amount of fun and a good learning experience that I have used to make a better me and to continue to be a better person. 

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