tPOL Final Blog Post


Welcome to my final blog post of grade 10 and all of PLP. This last blog post is my tPOL blog post or Transitional Presentation of Learning. This blog post will serve as a background to my presentation and will highlight some of the points that I will make in my presentation. 

The first thing I want to cover is the seven habits of highly effective teens. This book didn’t resonate well with me for a few reasons. The first one being that the book was kind of a bad spin off of the original book Seven Habits for Highly Effective People, I later switched too reading this book after reading the first chapter of the Highly Effective Teens version. I felt like the book was also counterintuitive, the book talks a lot about how you need to be proactive and take action but because the book is so long and all of the workbooks on top of that it really felt like it was just a waste of time and not really a good way of practicing the Seven Habits. I also felt like the summery video was a way more helpful way of learning the Seven Habits and I feel like I learned more from that then the actual book. The information from the book was overall forgettable and just watching the video was an overall better way for me to learn. 

Now I will talk a little bit about what works for me as a learner. The first thing that works really well for me is getting straight to the point I think that it is better then drawing something out over an extended period of time even if it means that you get less time to spend on individual aspects, I find that this makes things less forgettable. It also works for me when I am able to push myself to improve and do something even if I dont feel like it rather then just letting things happen and hoping that I improve. When I am able to improve myself it makes me a better learner. 

Something that I thought was a good way to communicate my ideas was the podcasts. I find that podcasts are easier to get my ideas out and I dont have to worry about things like punctuation and spelling mistakes, which get me stuck and make it harder to write. It is also a lot faster and I dont get distracted very easily. I also find it easier to convey a message by using tone and by also using by using subtleties in speech. 

in conclusion I think that there is both things that I have struggled with. and things that I have been able to do really well in school this year, and I believe that because of all my improvements, that I am able to advance to the next grade level.