Gelato Express Advertisment

In school we’ve been learning about how to make a print ad. The best way to learn is to actually make one.

We started by finding a business to make an ad for. Luckily for us Ryan’s neighbours own a gelato restaurant in town. So we tried calling them to see if we could interview them. Sadly they didn’t have a phone number that we could call, so Ryan asked them himself later that day whilst Malaika, Alexandria, and I thought of questions we could ask in the interview.


Ryan said they were too busy and we couldn’t interview them which was quite worrying, they changed their mind after a few minutes though which was a huge relief and they said we could interview them at lunch the next day.

At lunch we all started walking to Gelato Express but Alex realized she didn’t have her phone with her. Since we were already going to be late we decided that Malaika and I should go to the interview while Alex and Ryan look for the phone.


When we got there, we were a few minutes late but they were very kind and they let us eat our lunch and wait for Ryan and Alex. After a few minutes we found Ryan and Alex running so  they wouldn’t be late. After all this we finally were able to do the interview(and they gave us free ice cream).

Now we could start our ads which I wasn’t good at. I tried to listen to what they said( simple and eye catching) which was quite a struggle for me because I didn’t know where to start. Second and third draft they were both similar layouts to the first and I was only changing small things like the font and brightness.


For the final ad draft we went to Pound and Grain which is an advertising agency. They critiqued our ads and they answered some of our questions. So for my final ad draft I thought about some of the things they mentioned and I made some changes accordingly.






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