People and the Environment

Hello again, yes I’m back since my class just finished a project called “People and the Environment”. The beginning of this project started by looking at some environmental issues and how our world is being impacted by them. Then we were to choose a problem that relates with the environment and create a letter based […]

DI Summative Post

DI, which stands for Destination Imagination, is a tournament where schools around the world compete with one another. Thousands of kids compete to win trophies, show their intelligence, and show their skills. DI isn’t an easy competition, which takes lots of skill and leadership to master.  In the beginning of DI, before I got my […]


Piano Welcome back to my blog post challenge .Today I’ll be sharing my experience about musical instruments The piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731) in Italy. Cristofori didn’t like the Harpsichord because musicians had a lack of control over the volume level. He was famous by creating the first piano around 1700’s, when he […]