Blogging Challenge Week 5 Music

Hi for this week of the blogging challenge we were given a list of eight different music themed tasks out of those eight we had to pick three I picked create a survey, create a quiz, and make a playlist. The first two were pretty easy for the survey I just wrote down some pretty basic questions for example what is your favourite music genre. If you would like to participate in that survey just check it out here. The second thing I had to do was the quiz which was harder because although I listen to a lot of music I don’t know much about the musicians themselves or like any trivia facts so making the quiz was pretty hard. But after some research I came up with a few good questions if you would like to tests your skill you can do that here. Finally I had to make a playlist which wasn’t the hardest. I started by picking a theme which was like chill/mellow music so being a person who already listens to that music a lot I just kinda threw together some good songs and I think it sounds pretty good so if you have Apple Music here’s a link to the playlist.