End of the world project review

Hi for this blog post we will be talking about a very big project we did this term that project is called it’s the end of the world as we know it. This project was all about worldview change specifically the worldview change from elementary school to high school.

 The first thing we did for this project was a big board of need to know questions for this what we had to do was write three need to know questions on stickie notes and put them on the board after that the teacher took them and answered but not all of them she left some for later in the project. 

After we did the board we started learning about the crusades and how they encouraged cultural exchange after we read and did many sheets we had to write a paragraph on the changes to worldview that the crusades brought either Western Europe or muslims. By this point I was quite intrigued by the crusades which was good because the next thing we did was read a book about the crusades. 

The book we read was called the book of the lion I remember this book not being the best but it was still very interesting. For this we didn’t just have to read the book we also had to sheets about the book that we discussed in are table groups. 

The next part of the project was to make a ven diagram for this ven diagram we had to write changes we had in high school changes are peers had and finally changes that experts said you would most likely go through. this part was fun because we got to get into big groups to ask questions there was also some joking around but shhhhh.

After that we had to do yet another brainstorming activity a mind map about are worldview changes from elementary school to high school but there was a catch we had to sort it by the 7 aspects of worldview aka knowledge, beliefs, values, geography, economy,time, and society. After I finished that we finally started making are parody’s of its the end of the world as we know it.

My first draft wasn’t the best mostly because It was only half the song and some of words weren’t the right amount of syllables. For my second draft I changed a few things and got three quarters done also that was the time we had to start recording are song.

My first draft of the song was pretty bad in my opinion because I used an awful mic and screwed up timing while singing the second draft wasn’t much better. After the second draft was done the my teacher threw a massive curve ball she told us that we were now doing the song in groups what that meant was that we took all of are groups parody’s together to make a super parody which sounded awesome.

For are first draft we had to do the lyrics and record it wait wait wait there’s yet another twist we also had to make a video with pictures of all of us from gr8 and gr7. Are first draft isn’t bad that is if your deaf I say that because the video wasn’t bad but the song was awful it kinda sounded like death metal. You know I was fine with are song not being the best mostly because I knew we could improve one bad thing though we had to show it to other people so they could give us critique.

The critique went well we got lots of good feedback and they were quite nice. After the feed back we had to make are final draft for that we just re recorded and changed a few photos. Now what you have all been waiting for the video .

Overall I think this was a great project that taught about worldview change and the crusades.

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