DI regionals reflection

Hi for this blog post I will be talking about something I did just before spring break that is called DI or destination imagination. What destination imagination is a program where people of any age but mostly middle school aged kids sign up and are given a challenge with specific rules to complete they can do this in a group of around six kids . 

Overall my favourite part of this project had to have been the instant challenges. What an instant challenge is is a challenge that you are given during DI so you have no time to prepare or anything. The reason this was my favourite was because I like how its random and how you can never know what its going to be. 

Now to start the story it all started about a month and a half ago we had to do a sheet to figure out what challenge we would get. What we had to put were the to three challenges we wanted and then we had write what ideas we had for are top challenge. My top three were 1. Technical you had to built a drone for that one 2. Engineering thats the one I got and finally 3. I’m not sure what I picked but if I remember I will update this post. 

After we finished the sheet it took a couple weeks to get are groups and are challenge during that time we practiced doing instant challenges and other things. Once we finally got are groups and challenges (my group consisted of me, Liam, Holly, Alex, Ben, and Emily) we split up what people did I was in charge of the story and a few other small things. 

When it was finally are first full block to work on DI during that block are group just planed and tried to figure out everything. The next block we had people in are group bring some supplies like popsicle sticks and glue guns. The reason we needed those is is to test structure designs although are final design wasn’t made out of them it was made out of balsa wood because there was specific weight limit so it had to be light and balsa wood is decently strong and light.

 For the first two weeks of DI preparation we didn’t do to many different things I did the script mostly and we also worked on some other things like the structure and our team choice elements. After the first two weeks though we started doing a ton more we figured out our second team choice element but first I forgot to tell you what are first team choice element was a dance Choreographed by our team and for our second we decided to make a song for the background of our play/story. 

Well before I go on I guess I should tell the story so the scripts at the bottom. 

For the final week before DI we painted our backdrop which is basically just a portable wall other than that we just built structures and props. Once it was finally the day of DI we had to arrive at school at 8 even though our performance wasn’t till like two and our instant challenge was at around 11 so while we waited we just watched our friends performances and ate food. 

Once it came time for our instant challenge we went up and it was amazing we did very well although i cant talk specifically about it because that’s against DI rules. After the instant challenge we went out to lunch at cafe Orso after that it was time to check in at the booth after we did that the performance was on. 

The performance didn’t go as well as it could have but it wasn’t the worst i could have been. After all of that we watched one more thing and then it was the award ceremony where guess what we won first place for the instant challenge and the main challenge. 

Overall i think DI regionals was fun and a good learning experience I think some ways I can improve is by  helping more because I didn’t do to much and being more active with  the group.        

Our performance:


The script:


Opens in Monstarbucks the evil barista and her assistant are in a heated argument standing behind the counter:

Lumberjack: “no I’m not letting you do that to a customer” 

Evil barista: “fine fine fine let me try a different experiment then”

Lumberjack: “what experiment?”

Evil barista: “it um, it makes people smarter”

Lumberjack:  “ok” with a convinced and confident tone

At that moment, two women and a man named Harold enter. They order their drinks and walk to the nearest table. 

After a few seconds, the barista comes and gives the drinks completely messing up the names which is not really a surprise.

Harold:  “Oh my gosh, was that not the most amazing party ever?!” 

Margaret: “It was ok, but, are you kidding? There wasn’t even a ouija board!”

Alice: “Do you really believe in that?”. 

Then, a man named Walter with a weird walk and look on his face walks in. 

Margaret: stares as he is walking in “dang ain’t he the bees knees” with a judgemental and disgusted tone and look on her face. (Do you mean sarcastic? also this just doesn’t fit the tone of the story.)

Alice: “I know right!”

Walter walks up to the counter

Walter: “Hi can I have um um.. wait, what’s the special?” 

Evil barista: “oh yes, the special is called the MONSTARIFIER!”

Walter: “alright then, I will have that…whatever it’s called”

Evil barista: “hey! you plaid shirt guy!”

Lumberjack: “uh, my name is actually lumber Jackson the third!”

Evil barista: “whatever, you have to put on the flavour boosters”


Lumberjack: “ok don’t gotta be mean about it” as he is roles his eyes and walks toward the weight tester

*Making of the Drink-Weight placement on structure*

Walter: “Wait, what does that mean? Will I actually turn into a monster?!” Pointing at the specials board. 

Evil Barista: “Oh, uh, don’t worry about that, our lawyer just told us to put that there..for fun…hehe”

Walter: “Haha..alright”

Evil Barista: “So what brings you here?” Looking around, cleaning her counter, rearranging the food and stuff. 

Walter: “Well,”

Evil Barista: “Oh! Your drink is ready!”

If there is still enough time, holly doesn’t interrupt yet. 

Walter: “Ok..” sad that he couldn’t finish because the evil barista didn’t really care”.

Evil barista: “here’s your drink  (does an evil laugh while “coughing”)”

Walter: “Um ok” with a confused face turning to the audience”. 

After he sips there are flashing lights and thunder sounds. 

Walter: “what… what’s happening to me?!” trembling and being super dramatic, shaking looking sort of crippled. 

Alice and/or margaret: “What’s going on?! Someone call the police!”

Harold: “Some guy probably had too much coffee..”

Alice: “No..I don’t think so…”

He dramatically falls behind the counter and returns as a blue headed monster

Alice and Margaret: “Oh my gosh!”

Harold: “What?” In a confused tone

Monster walks very slowly like a zombie. 

Margaret: “Harold…look behind you”

Harold looks behind him and sees that the monster is almost right behind him (a little more than half way”. He then steps off his chair and takes a step back, throwing his cup at the monster. 

Harold: “Don’t worry, I can protect you” stepping in-front of the girls.

The monster takes a step ahead 

Harold screams in a very high tone and sprints behind the girls. Margaret and Alice look at each other, slightly annoyed. 

The monster is still there, coming at them. Until, he hugs them instead of attacking. 

Margaret: “What? But, why isn’t it attacking us?” 

Harold : “I..I guess it’s misunderstood” still a little frightened. 

Alice: “It just wants to be our friend” also still a little frightened.

The evil barista walks up to them.

Evil barista turns to the crowd as a reflecting on what she has done;


Evil Barista: “Even after I I turned you into a monster it’s, it’s still happy?!” 

The evil barista turns to the monster and takes a few steps towards him. Takes a pause. 

Evil barista: “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, it was a mistake. Small Pause. Will you ever forgive me?”  

The monster nods and hugs her.

Evil barista: “I guess that’s a yes then.” 

Then, they all go up and hug the monster at once. They all huddle up and celebrate as a sign of friendship. 

Evil Barista: “Let’s play some music!”

Margaret: “Ok! Why not?”

Harold runs behind the backdrop, turning on the song.

Alice: “I love this song!”

Then they break into dance (The power of love).

For the last pose at the end of the dance, Harold takes a picture of everyone. “And scene”

Margaret to the audience: “Thank you all for watching! All of this has all BEAN a LATTE fun!” 

*Lumberjack does the weights for as long as possible until the skit is done or our time is over.