A plp production of Romeo and Juliet

Hi, welcome back to my blog. This week I’m going to be talking about our most recent project about Shakespeare. For this project, we had to answer the driving question “how might we make Romeo and Juliet appealing to a modern audience.” To solve this driving question, we decided to put on our own Romeo and Juliet radio play.

Before we were able to start the production of our radio play we had to learn more about Romeo and Juliet. To do that we read the script for Romeo and Juliet along with that we also watched two of the movies (no not Gnomeo and Juliet). My favourite part of the research was probably watching the movies more specifically the 1996 Baz Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet movie. What I think I liked about the 1996 movie so much was probably how creative they were when adapting the movie ex: they call guns swords.

After we did all of our research it was time to start actually making the story for our radio show. For this, we had a battle of storeys. how this worked was it started as everyone for themself then people slowly combined storeys till it was two groups left for the big battle. sadly, in the end, we didn’t go with either of the storeys we just decided to add commentary over the base story.

After deciding on our story we had to apply for a role. For my role, I decided to apply to be on the story team since I have always enjoyed script stuff. Around a day after I applied, I got the role. In the script team, there were 7 people which came with some pros and cons. the best thing about having 7 people in the group was definitely being able to split up the writing evenly. Another pro was probably how much easier it was to do peer critique. Now for what didn’t work too well, I felt like there was some miscommunication between the group. That affected some jokes and plotlines.

In the end, the performance went very well, I personally thought it was pretty funny. Although I wasn’t actually in the play I did get to do a few read-throughs which was pretty fun.

in conclusion in the end everything worked out. my favourite thing that I learned was just writing as a team which I thought was very fun. also just a minor thing during this project I made two new podcast episodes so you can listen to those here