Week 7 awesome drink mixes

Hi guys for the blogging challenge week 7 we were allowed to due whatever we wanted so I decided to make a post about pop drink mixes that I either came up by myself or found online(links to all the places where I found the pop mixes are at the bottom). For the drink mixes we will start with the ones I came up with first we have the mix I like to call the jimmy johns which is a great mix for while you are chomping down on a jimmy johns sandwich the mix is half minute made lemonade 1 and a eighth quarters powerade and an eighth quarter Coca-Cola. The next mix I have come up with is called the vanilla blast it is basically just everything that is vanilla flavoured although I prefer Vanilla Coke, vanilla cream Soda, and vanilla sprite and that’s the vanilla blast. Now lets get onto the ones I found online the first one is called the cherry sundae it is sprite cherry and sprite vanilla the next one is called the half and half which consists of diet mr. Pibb plus Minute Maid light. Finally we have the mezzo mix it is made with coke and Fanta orange. Now out of all of these drinks I have tried the ones I came up with and the mezzo mix my two favourites are the vanilla blast and the jimmy johns mix. If you ever decide to try some of these mixes just comment down below what you tried.

Link to the website I found the other drink mixes at


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