Identity what does it mean according to the oxford dictionary it means “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.” But to me identity means computers, movies, not liking camping, hot chocolate on a cold winters day, and the boat rides I take every year in honour of my grandfather who passed away. 

The reason I decided to start my blog with a little bit about identity is one so you could know a little more about me and two because that’s the topic for this blog post. As I said In the last sentence this blog post is about identity more specifically an assignment that we did about identity one where we had to make a gif about our identity.

For our gif we had to edit a photo of ourselves with a double exposure of an image that represents our identity(in case you don’t know what a double exposure is here’s an explanation–cms-23774). After making our double exposure image we had to put it into keynote and turn it into a gif after adding some logos/images that represent us as an example here’s mine.

For my photo, I included the logos for Minecraft, Windows, GitHub, and osu. I also included photos of among us, brainf**k, and a box jade key switch. I picked all of these because I really think they represent who I am as a person who loves computers, coding, gaming, and keyboards. I decided to just use these few aspects of my identity because I feel like they are the most important when it comes to my personality and just who I am.

In conclusion, this activity made me really think about identity and more importantly my identity. My favourite part about this activity would be making the double exposure image because I didn’t know much about it before this assignment and it was really fun to make. Now finally the final requirement for this post was to describe our understanding of identity. My understanding of identity is something that everyone has based on their personality and interests. I came to this understanding of identity-based off on all of the writing and activities we did about identity.