Mandalorian Review

The Mandalorian is an absolutely riveting show that I would recommend to any sci-fi fan. The reason why I recommend this show so highly, is because by the the time you finish the first episode you are hooked. This is because of the amazing characters, thrilling action scenes, and the beautifully crafted story.

The storyline follows Mando, a bounty hunter hired by a former head of the empire to capture some 55 year old creature. He ends up capturing it, and finds out (spoiler alert) it’s actually a young child. That young child is baby Yoda. He then gives baby Yoda to the man that hired him. later Mando decides that that was the wrong decision and breaks baby Yoda out. That sets us up for all of the adventures to come.

I like the characters so much because, not only is the main character (the Mandalorian aka Mando) amazing, so are the side and some throwaway characters. A good example of this is the throwaway character Mythoral from the first episode. The reason I think he is an example of a good throwaway character is because, even though we only see him for around ten minutes, he helps build upon our main character and provides helpful insights into where this show may go in the future. An example of a great side character is the child, or as he is known to the Internet, baby Yoda. I think baby yoda is a great example of a side character because he helps show the soft side of Mando, and he is basically the entire reason the events in this show take place. Now for the main character, the Mandalorian (aka Mando). I think Mando is a great main character because he’s intriguing, and has real depth. A good example of this is his back story, which at this point is mostly unknown, and that is the reason I think it’s so good. I think that’s a good thing because it adds a bit of mystery to his character and makes you come back to learn more.

Another thing that I love about the Mandalorian is the action. I love the action because it keeps you at the edge of your seat, even though you know Mando won’t die (because he’s the main character). A good example of this is the final scene from episode one where Mando and a bounty droid are trying to capture baby Yoda. They get in a battle with some guards. I like this scene specifically because it’s suspenseful, but there’s also some humour. I think this is because it was written by Jon Favreau, who also wrote Iron Man. That movie does some of the same things with action sequences as this movie.

In closing, I strongly recommend this show for any sci-fi fan or someone who just likes entertaining content. If you want to watch it, it’s available for streaming on Disney Plus today.

Live event post

Hi, for this blog post I’m going to be talking about a very fun project we just did. That project was our live event video. What is a live event video? A live event video is kind of as it sounds, It’s a video that documents a live event you attended or participated in. 

The first thing I had to do when making my live event video was figure out what to do it about. At first I wanted to do a live stream of me playing video games with a friend, but then I was informed that was just an activity, not a live event, which makes sense as it would just be me playing video games. So now I had to come up with a new idea. Luckily my teacher came in clutch with the idea of doing my live event on the upcoming band concert. So that’s what I ended up doing.

Now that I had the actual event that I was going to be documenting, it was time to start planning. The first thing I had to do was plan shots, which wasn’t particularly difficult. Coming up with the shots consisted of me imagining my final video and what that would look like. After working on that for quite a while I had a pretty decent list of shots. Now the next thing I had to do was write my interview questions. since I already knew who I was interviewing it was a lot easier to come up with questions. 

Now that I had finished all of my questions, it was time to go to the event. Once I arrived at the the school, where the event was being held, I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to get shots, so I had to get creative with what shots to get. The first shots I got were of the empty halls. Then I had planned to get a time lapse of people finding there seats, but I got to where the band concert taking place too late. So I wasn’t able to get the shot but I was able to get a shot like that at the end, except instead of people sitting down it was people getting up and leaving which I think turned out very well. Filming the actual performance was probably the easiest part, in my opinion, because all I had to do was balance my phone and stand there. Overall, the filming wasn’t the most challenging part and was actually quite fun.

Now I had all of my filming done and it was time to edit. This, I would have to say, was probably the hardest part of this project. not because of the actual putting the scenes together but because of the transferring the scenes onto my iPad. The reason this was the hardest part, was because whenever I tried to transfer the clips to my iPad it would say “error”. After trying to fix that for a while, I decided to upload it to iCloud and then download it to my iPad. only issue was iCloud would not upload the videos. So after testing ways to fix it, I had to come up with a new idea. That idea was to plug my phone into my computer and transfer all of the videos onto my computer. So then I could just edit it on my computer only issue my phone wouldn’t connect to my computer. I decided to wait till the next day and try again.

The next morning I woke up to a notification saying that all of my videos had started uploading to the cloud, so I was understandably excited. Now that I had all of the videos on my iPad, it wasn’t to hard to edit them together because I had spent over a day imagining what it that look like.

In conclusion, this was a very fun project and I enjoyed hanging out with my friends at the band concert. I also enjoyed listening to all of the great music. If I was to do this again I would probably get even more shots and come earlier so there were less people.