This Changes Everything: Middle Ages learning portfolio post

Are they all I post now? Yup. Am I gonna change that? Not until the student blogging challenge. For now, I’ll stick to the essential school posts. Obviously, we need context. This project was about the Middle Ages, as you could probably guess from the title. It mainly focused on continuity and change between now and then, but we got to listen to a couple interesting, but weird, songs. We also played a kind of a game, in which we were given cards, and the type of card would determine our role in medieval society. Some other things we did were keynote presentations, and reading a book called The Book Of The Lion by Micheal Cadnum, then, every week, making a piece of work related to the section of the book we had just read.

Now the boring part of the post, the curricular competencies. Let’s start with comprehending. I think I did good at this. My reasons for saying this are how I understood the information in our reading of The Book Of The Lion well, and reflected that in my work, except for the week when I was the summarizer, and didn’t do a great job. In addition, I understood our other readings fairly well, and that brings us to our next curricular competency, identifying continuity and change. I did decent at this one. I don’t consider my work to be “good” because I didn’t do the best at identifying continuity in my partner-work slide, instead I did a good job of identifying change.

Well, that’s it for this post. It may be getting old, but I’ll still close it off with the usual.


Medium is the message reflective post

Well… maaaaaayyyyyyybe I was a month or two late. Okay well maybe a few months, and I have no excuse, but I’m writing it now at least. In fact, I almost forgot what it was about, but I do remember. The medium is the message project was about advertising, whether it Be perspectives from the past compared to now, such as in our advertising survey when I interviewed my mom to find out what ads were like in her childhood, or making an ad for a business, two businesses, actually. The first business we interviewed was deep cove Kayak, and the second one was a restaurant we visited while driving to Oregon, U.S.A for a field trip. It is called Clark’s restaurant.

Now, obviously, we’re going to write about the curricular competencies. Don’t feel bad for how I’m about to beat myself up. I deserve it. The first stage of Nate’s pity party is comprehending. I believe I actually did not so bad at this, as I did an okay job at understanding the book we had to read, the highest tide. I don’t remember that much, but I do remember our other curricular competency, taking historical perspectives. I did pretty bad on this, as I didn’t really show the difference between advertising in my lifetime, and in my mom’s lifetime, two very, very different things. I hope I can be forgiven for my lacklustre performance, but if I can’t, I understand.

I’ll still close it off the same way as always, but I’m not as enthusiastic about it.


Chemistry Coding blog post

Ok, you already read the title, you know what this is, another school blog post. This time, on our chemistry coding project in Scimatics (science and math). First, some context. In this project we had the exciting task of coding a game on the platform known as scratch, I hope you know what that is, if not, click the link. Or… you could just click this link right here. We had to base our projects on the states of matter, by which I mean plasma is excluded, as per usual, and make these changes have an impact on the game.

Anyway, my game was called Soviet Atom-Pong, and the idea is that you control a paddle, and try to block the incoming atoms, which are actually atomic bombs. If you last 2 minutes, a second atom shows up, if you last 4 minutes, a molecule shows up, if you last 5 minutes, Joseph Stalin shows up and promotes you to Marshall of the Soviet Union, the highest possible rank in the Soviet red army. He will then block all of the incoming atoms on his own, and then you win.

Now about the curricular competencies, which, if you haven’t noticed, I write about a lot. First up to the plate, we have Questioning and predicting. I think I did pretty good at this, as I was able to use a topic that interests me, while still staying on topic and using the states of matter, at least, it worked out in the end. Next up to bat we have scientific communication. I did good on this one in my opinion, and this is because I used a historical model of an atom, used three different types, as required, and did quite well on making my game, other than this one glitch that I would have to change the model and fall short of the requirements to fix. Finally, two outs, two strikes, and home run! We have reasoning and analyzing. I am proud of how I did on this one, because I believe my game was good, worked well, and stayed on topic, and most importantly, I made it myself!


Anyway, that was my project. What? Y’all act like you don’t know what happens next, come on do it with me,





Mid-year presentation of learning learning portfolio post

Hello everyone, this is my learning portfolio post on my mid-year presentation of learning! What is a mid-year presentation of learning you may ask? Well it’s an essential part of my reapplication into PLP (performance learning program). I need to make a presentation on my learning this year so far. I will include the links to my other blog posts later, but first, my driving question: How might I earn good grades while still having lots of free time? One answer I have come up with is to use my time wisely. You see, I have a habit of procrastinating sometimes, and that even happens in school, not just at home. Here’s an example of a time I didn’t use my time well at all: Mazer tag

Another thing I could do is put I more effort. I have a gigantic tendency to put in very little effort into most things, or at least, schoolwork. More effort will mean better quality of work, earning better grades for me. Here’s an example of when I needed to put in more effort: Star Wars: a mini-blue sky project

finally, I will need to problem-solve more. By this I mean that sometimes I’ll be working on a project on my own, and I’ll run into a problem. Now, instead of looking in the basecamp app for a solution, or coming up with a way to work around it, I sometimes simply use it as an excuse not to do my work. Here’s an example of this: the media is the message. Why is it not linked? I think this is an even better example than if I had it, because it shows that I’m not lying about finding a way to not do work.

However, there have been plenty of highlights of my learning, such as getting to use an iPad, and the associated tools. For example, right below, a drawing I made in sketches pro as a response to our class reading of “The Book Of The Lion” by Micheal Cadnum

On the positive note, here is a picture that I took on our next field trip after the Oregon trip, taken inside a Buddhist temple

I would like to thank you for your time, and to end it off: here’s some food for thought: what would you do to improve if you were in my position?

Star Wars: a mini blue sky project!

Welcome to the post bros! Today I have a post on my project for the PLP winter exhibition! In this project, I essentially found a topic related to Star Wars, researched it, and presented my work! But before I show you my LAUNCH journal, I will assess myself on the curricular competencies. First one: innovative designer. I don’t think I did too well on this one, because, while I used a variety of tools to get my work done, my final product was just a 3D model that I printed, and I didn’t even design it, I found it. Next competency: computational thinker. I think I did okay, as I did develop strategies to guide my work, however I wasn’t super organized, and got many things in late. Finally, creative communicator. I didn’t do well on this one, as I didn’t really come up with any solutions to problems, or communicate my ideas. I essentially just did what I was told. At last, you will see my LAUNCH journal video. Right down below.




until next time



Mazer tag!

Wassup everyone, you will probably never see this because the student blogging challenge is over, but I think you might wanna hear about my school project, mazer tag! Hold up! I know you love hearing about my school projects, yes you do, come on, don’t leave…

anyways, in this project we worked on making a Star Wars vehicle (we chose the Death Star) and putting a laser in it so that it actually fires a laser. Pretty cool, right? So we had some complications making this, and by we, I mostly mean Randy, and Jakub. They’re my classmates and bros, as are some others. The complications were about how tiny the Death Star was, which we just kinda accepted, and that it looked clunky, which was fine I guess. We had a bit of trouble with mounting the laser, but it worked out in the end.

Now we talk about the curricular competencies, with a little info on how I think I did. First we have communicating and representing. I had to represent mathematical ideas In different ways. The fact that I don’t really know when I could have done this means there is lots of room for improvement. I did pretty well on the tests, though. Next we have applying and innovating. Well… I can’t find anything I did good on in this competency. I wasted class time and barely contributed. I feel awful about this and I wasted a really fun project’s time on playing on my iPad. I did terrible and my grade should be treated as such. Questioning and predicting is the last one. While I didn’t know much about the topic, and I found it quite interesting, I couldn’t be bothered to learn or even set up a laser maze with dry ice when given the opportunity. Again, I feel absolutely horrible about this, and I should have acted differently. As a summary, I did awful on this fun and intriguing project that I should have enjoyed, but instead just wasted my time. I guess that’s all for now. Y’all know what comes next:



Final week bros…

This is it, the final week. I know I don’t get many viewers on my posts, but it’s nice to see a couple people at least know of the domain of YoBoyNyate. I think, overall, I haven’t done the best in the challenge, I’ve gotten things done late, some things haven’t even been handed in, but I’m writing this now. I could have done better, but I tried to mix a little Nate into school. I was a bit limited in the jokes I could make, as this is a school post, but I tried my best. I loved week 4, the free choice, as I could make a post in Russian.

Now about how I could blog in the future, well, I may continue, I may not. The occasional random post might exist, but not a very common thing. I DO hope, however, that some of you, will see this, and like it. I guess, for now, that might be it for me. I think you all know how this ends, with my pirated symbol. The good, old, sweet, awesome, made-in-Sweden:



A toast to me! (Celebrations)

Wassup everyone? I know, I know, y’all missed me because it’s been eons since I last posted. It’s okay. I’m back. Anyway, since I’m sooooo interesting, I will tell you about the major holidays my family celebrates.

first off, a day that is even more about me than every day already is, my birthday!

My birthday is basically a day when I get presents, and get celebrated. Kinda like a personal Christmas, without the festivities. Birthdays, like Christmases, kinda get more dull as the years go by. In fact, I’ve only had two birthday parties since second grade!


Next is the big kahuna, the superchunker, the thick daddy itself: Christmas!

Christmas is a huge occasion in the “western worldview,” and is one of my favourite holidays. It was originally a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, though today it is also celebrated in more modern ways, such as decorating your house, and a Christmas tree inside it, and by believing that Santa, a man flying all over the world in a sleigh pulled by magic reindeer, will deliver you gifts, and so will loved ones.

another holiday celebrated in the western world a lot is the night of candy, pranks, and costumes: halloween!

halloween is a somewhat regular day, until night! All the kids go outside in costumes, and knock on people’s doors, who will, usually, give them some candy. The goal is, obviously, to collect as much candy as possible before throwing in the towel for the night.


next up: a day of pure awkwardness and, if you’re in a relationship, maybe some romance! Please welcome: Valentine’s Day!

Gotta say that cake looks pretty damn tasty, I’d eat it. Anyway, on Valentine’s Day, things get awkward. From MY personal experience, it’s only enjoyable for people already in a relationship. Not much else to say.

Last, but not least, the time of stuffing your face with as much food as you can digest! Thanksgiving!

This turkey also looks delicious, and so do many of the foods on the thanksgiving table, as it IS a day to eat as much as possible. It’s also a day of thanks, at least, it’s supposed to be.


I guess that’s kinda all the big holidays my family celebrates, and of course this ends off with a big old



Da powa of a peeeeencil

Yet again, I’m gonna reflect on a school project, and no, you don’t get to click off and read something else. UNLESS, you are reading the rest of MY blog. I suppose you could also read the blog of

*drum roll*

Supreme Leader Jakub

Anyways, I’m just gonna put down a slideshow of all my art pieces I did during the project. However, keep in mind, a lot of people are great artists, I am not one of those people.

keep in mind, these were the only three I could get a hold of. There were more.


finally, here’s my final piece, the one I am handing in alongside this post, not very good, but it’s my kinda my best work.


Now, well, I guess that’s the end actually. I hope you liked this post. I sounded a little like a YouTube gamer just then, but now, as always, I close it off with something I tooooooooootally invented. (Actually, it’s the logo of one of those YouTube gamers, and also his symbol, which he doesn’t really use anymore.)



Tectonics book reflection

Alright bros, I’m gonna do a school post, so let’s get into it. I hope you enjoy it and the fun project we did!

I’ll admit I didn’t know much about plate tectonics when I first started. Anyway I basically learned about how earthquakes happen when gigantic plates of rock holding up our continents interact by separating, crashing together, or rubbing up against each other. I also learned that these earthquakes cause things like mountains and volcanoes appear. A bit hard to process? Just do your best then. Yet another thing I learned was how these continents move. I already knew they had moved, but I had no idea how. I now know it is because convection currents in the mantle of the earth push them around. What’s that? It’s not getting easier to process? Well just look at the mind map below.

(It’s too small to read, I know, if you want to see it well, just copy it and paste it into a document, then you can see it!)







So, the skills I learned, let’s start with evaluating. I’ve always been pretty good at evaluating my own, and sometimes others, work. However, I’m not that great at evaluation of information I’m given, though I’ve gotten better In recent years.

Then there’s using my class time efficiently, not gonna lie, I suck at it. I have an iPad for work in front of me all day at school. Couple that with ADHD and you got one distracted kid at school.

Next skill, explaining how plate tectonics is a unifying theory. I did ok at this one, but I was more focused on making a story.

Finally, applying and innovating. I created my own content for my project, and applied all my new skills.

So yeah… that’s my school post. I hope I did good on it, but it still ends the same way all my posts do. With a big, fat: