A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, PLP learner’s hosted our Winter Exhibition! On December 19, 2019, PLP learners from grades 8 through 12, transformed the learning space at Seycove to reflect their recent project work and demonstrate their understanding.

PLP 8 and 9 worked together to make four different “Star Wars” planets come to life and show their amazing work from Scimatics through to Humanities. PLP 8 had their Mazer Tag Scimatics projects on display (these were calculated and designed from scratch examples of Pythagorean theorem in use!), including dry ice to see the lasers, which answered the driving question: how are the sides of right angle triangles related to each other? You can read more about their projects on their portfolios, but here is one example of their learning from Amy!

PLP 8 also had their mini-blue sky projects for Maker 8 in their rooms which answered the driving question: How might I design and build an answer to my own inquiry? In their answer, they worked through the LAUNCH cycle to research, design, build, and present a product from the Star Wars universe that answered the question they designed.

PLP 9 also had an artifact on display that they had designed through the LAUNCH cycle, but their artifact was part of a bigger narrative. In their case, their Maker artifact was a piece of a story they wrote as a group, individually describing a part of the Hero’s Journey, from an under-recognized character in the Star Wars universe. They had to answer the challenge: how might we build an interactive exhibit which explain’s the hero’s journey?

PLP 11 had a different challenge on their hands, as they brought the Tatooine Cantina to life and performed their own poetry inspired by their study of the 1950’s Beat Movement. For their class, it was all about how can we use poetry to reflect our perspectives on people, places, issues, and beliefs? You can read more of their adventures with poetry on Alivia’s learning portfolio.

The PLP 12’s weren’t off for the night either! Prior to the exhibition, they had met with the 8’s, 9’s, and 11’s to provide some wise advice and listen to their ideas. Then, on the night of the event, they were the hosts at the door and general gophers for each room! It’s always a team effort in PLP!

We are so proud of the hard work of all the PLP grades. We can’t wait to see what the Spring Exhibition shows us in June!