Hey there today I’m going to be talking about the projects that have shown my best work, the projects that have shown my worst work and the project in the middle. I think that my worst work was at the beginning of the year and I started to progress into the work that I’m doing today.

I would probably say that one of my worst projects was the first ad we made in Maker where we had to recreate an ad that we found on the internet to make it similar. I felt my ad did not look similar enough to the original ad. If I were to improve it now I would change the background colour, the pointing hand, the layout, the text position and the logo. The logo I used did not represent the actual logo and the text needed to be bigger so it’s easier to read and more pleasing to the eye.









Original ad                                                                                                                                 My ad


Now I’m going to talk about the projects that show my skills but aren’t my best work nor my worst. The first two are in Scimatics and they were kind of small assignments so I didn’t really work super hard on these ones but I did put a lot of time on the tectonic plates project. At the start of the year I didn’t really grasp the concept of tectonic plates and multiplying and dividing fractions but then I worked really hard to figure it out and now I understand it better. Specifically looking at the tectonic plates project, my first draft was returned to me for further completion. So I started fresh and I realized that making the lines darker it was easier to understand and read. I plotted every listed earthquake and doing this I realized that there were many earthquakes in the Alaska and Eastern Asia sections








The next project I thought that showed my skills is the dream board we made in PGP after reading the goal book. I put a lot of effort and time into it because I really enjoy making dream boards that have stuff that I enjoy on it. On my dream board I put a ton of dance related images on it and I wanted it to look really nice and aesthetically pleasing. That was my second dream board that I’ve made and the first one looked like a five year old did it even though I was 10 when I did it and now I’ve improved by making all the photos organized and focused rather than putting everything and any thing on it.



The project I think shows the best of my work would be the Oregon field study book. I worked super hard on this book even though a project this big would normally lose my interest and focus. However I was able to keep focused because I really enjoyed it. The Oregon trip was so much fun. This book was a lot of fun to make and I loved designing it and as I put it together I was able to reflect on some great memories.



My goal moving forward is to procrastinate less and to continue to be open to learning. I am going to achieve this by committing time to getting things done and take my time doing it and not rushing through it. I’ve learned a lot about time blocking and I find it very helpful. I made this goal in December and I haven’t achieved it yet but I will continue working on it.


Thank you so much for listening and I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

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